«261 positives and one death in 24 hours. We don’t have the yellow zone numbers. There are 276 thousand vaccines for students “

«261 positives and one death in 24 hours. We don’t have the yellow zone numbers. There are 276 thousand vaccines for students “
«261 positives and one death in 24 hours. We don’t have the yellow zone numbers. There are 276 thousand vaccines for students “

Luca Zaia returns live today, July 14, 2021, from the Marghera civil protection office for the latest updates on the pandemic in Veneto. The infections in recent days have tripled throughout the region and at national level there is already talk of restoring the classification by color bands. On this front, the president of Veneto has confirmed that there are no restrictions, because Veneto does not have the numbers for passing into the yellow band. This does not exclude that a positive, even if symptomatic, can create outbreaks as happened to the young man who returned from England who ignored the quarantine and went to the party in Jesolo, eventually sending 250 people into solitary confinement.

The governor recalls that the age group most affected by the Delta variant is that between 15 and 25 years and for this he makes an appeal to the youngest, in anticipation of the start of the school year, reminding them that they are there 276,000 doses vaccine still available.


The swabs, between rapid and molecular, are already made respectively 5.786.230 e 5.420.000, the positives or in isolation to date are 5.492, the positives in the last 24 hours are 261, which is equivalent to 0.95% of the incidence on tampons, the hospitalized are 249, of which 233 in non-critical area e 16 in intensive care. 11624 (+1) the tolate of the dead.



I appeal at the national level so that the incidence of positives on the number of tampons is weakened with respect to the passage of color bands – says Zaia – otherwise the risk of entering the restricted bands is high. What matters is the level of occupancy of the hospital beds.


Those aged 15 to 24 are the most affected by the Delta variant – says Zaia – so in anticipation of the start of the school year we remember that to date we have 276,000 free places for the first doses of vaccinations until 8 September. Vaccines are for everyone, but the appeal is above all aimed at the youngest. In August, the vaccination centers will not go on vacation and will always be open.



We have no yellow zone parameters. At the moment I do not feel the risk, the parameter is hospitalization and we are at zero – says Zaia – but the incidence parameter must also be recalibrated. You can not invite to run on the pads and then fined for speeding.


If you get to want to see the Green pass to do any activity, on the model of France, you might as well make the vaccine mandatory – says Zaia – On this you need a ‘soft landing’. There are various scenarios: the first is that the vaccine is mandatory, perhaps the shortest way; second, there is the issue of privacy, which is not irrelevant. We have been beaten by the green pass guarantor in hospitals. Lastly, when you introduce such a measure you have to guarantee all vaccines, and I don’t think there is this availability. It is a game to be put in the hands of the CTS. The debate will be inevitable in October, between vaccinated and unvaccinated, on which the scientific authorities will have to express themselves.


We are among those – says Zaia – who believe that the Grandi Navi must leave the Giudecca canal and the San Marco basin. The only thing I asked Prime Minister Draghi is that the company that has the right of transit, Venezia Terminal Passeggeri, which includes the Region and the cruise lines, be given refreshments. S.On the subject of compensation, I have not found President Draghi divorced. The technical staff are already speaking in Rome and the dl brings back space for negotiation. In this context, we will have to think about a renegotiation of the Venice Terminal Passeggeri concession. With Covid, many concessions have been extended, here in addition to Covid we have the works for the new terminal in Marghera. And the workers must be protected.


Councilor Manuela Lanzarin illustrated the first meeting of the Commission of Inquiry on Covid in Veneto yesterday, expressing the utmost collaboration.


By the engineer Paolo Fattori, technician of the Veneto Region, the point on vaccines: to date 2.281.000 people received at least one dose, accounting for 64% of the vaccinable population. From now to 8 September there are 298,000 over 12 who have already made a reservation. So by September we count on having 70% of the vaccinable population that has undertaken the vaccination process. We still have more than 200,000 free places and if we join, we could reach 80% of the vaccinated population.

SECOND DOSE OVER 60: 88% of over 60s received a first dose and by the end of July we plan to finish the second doses.

VACCINES DELIVERY: Pfizer it has always been regular in deliveries: there was a minus 2.59% on forecasts in the first quarter of 2021, while now there is a reduction in deliveries of 17%. Modern which in the first quarter traveled with a minus 20% in deliveries, now records a minus 40%. AstraZeneca e Johnson&Johnson they are no longer of interest having almost finished the over 60 bracket.

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