the Special One menu against Meatballs alla Sarri – Il Tempo

the Special One menu against Meatballs alla Sarri – Il Tempo
the Special One menu against Meatballs alla Sarri – Il Tempo

The Totti gate was born in one of the rooms of his restaurant. It was here that Luciano Spalletti vented to some journalists about the difficult relationship with his captain. The birthdays of the players he made almost all of them with raw dishes and typical Roman dishes. And for 90 years the historic Roman restaurant, also known as the celebrity restaurant, at Eur in Via Dei Genieri, has accompanied the history of Rome of the Romanists. Especially of the sporting life of the capital, welcoming many players and coaches who have succeeded each other over time. But these days the occasion was tempting and for this reason that Checco dello Scapicollo could not miss the menu dedicated to Josè Mourinho. All aimed at attack.

The winning scheme developed by the restaurant owner, Francesco Testa, is made up of a mixed artichoke appetizer and first of all the historic bucatini all’amatriciana, awarded with the Champions League of chefs. In midfield there is no shortage of fillet with porcini mushrooms and to score there is the class and elegance of Checco’s tiramisu. “It was a game but we too wanted to celebrate – declares Francesco Testa – the arrival of the special one. For us Romanists, the arrival of the new coach is a party like the Rio carnival. Since the news came out, it seemed that Covid had also disappeared in Rome

But the Derby has just begun and in a dream place in Nemi where before eating you can eat the breathtaking panorama that only Lake Nemi can offer not only the charm, cuisine of the highest level and a breathtaking view: welcome to Bulle water.

To start at Acqua Bulle, the starters menu immediately reveals the quality and originality of the dishes: ranging from creamed cod, raisin jam and crunchy bread to shrimp meatball with its bisque called Polpetta alla Sarri.

Do not miss the fried pork ribs, caramelized figs, sautéed chicory and reduced cesanese. The duck leg with offal stuffing and Nemi strawberries is also excellent. To close a soup of borlotti with savory and focaccia.

The taste ranges from capelletto with peppered mussels in broth to cavatello with whitefish to pizzaiola and whitefish bottarga. Unbeatable the Tortello di gricia and the Gnocco with venison ragout, cream of sweet provolone and wine reduction. For the great classics, the artichoke Lasagnetta alla matticella, mint and pecorino

Fish is a must with Ombrina, caponata mousse, potato chips and yellow datterini cream. Perch with herb breading, crunchy Jerusalem artichoke and sage mayonnaise also holds the high level. For the meat, do not miss the Porchetta of suckling pig and bread in several consistencies. Then the beef in all its sauces. And the novelty of Porcino 3.0

We are in Nemi and the Strawberry and Strawberry Soup is a must. Then the three chocolate cake or the creamed ricotta, cocoa crumble and wildflower honey. Timeless tartlet with lemon curd and Italian meringue or craquelin cream puff, mascarpone cream, peanut butter and raspberry jam.

Shrimp meatball recipe and its bisque
Clean the red shrimp from its intestines and carapace (which we will keep for the bisque later)
Once all the prawns have been cleaned, beat them with a knife and recreate a sort of tartare
Season with extra virgin olive oil Salt and pepper
When they are well seasoned, create 25g meatballs and freeze them (to simplify the breading process)
Clean the heads of the shrimp from their entrails and rinse them well
In a saucepan, sauté celery, carrots and onion and a handful of cherry tomatoes and cook for about 15-20 minutes
When the bottom of our bisque is well cooked, add our shells and season everything with a nice bunch of fresh basil
After another 20 25 minutes add the ice to cover all the ingredients in our saucepan and boil for about 4 5 hours
When we feel that our bisque begins to shrink well, blend everything in the cutter and sift it well and season with salt if necessary.
Finally we will go to take back our frozen meatballs and we will go to bread them with flour, eggs and panko (easily available in any supreme)
Finally fry them and put them on the plate with its bisque at its base

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