Yellow zone, Salvini sees Draghi: “I proposed a change of criteria”

Yellow zone, Salvini sees Draghi: “I proposed a change of criteria”
Yellow zone, Salvini sees Draghi: “I proposed a change of criteria”

“Very useful meeting, total sharing on how to move forward in the coming months”. So Matteo Salvini at the end of the meeting with Prime Minister Mario Draghi. “I asked for the reopening of dance clubs and discos, they are available to reopen this weekend respecting the protocols of the case”, explains the Northern League player, who adds: “I submitted to the president what will be advanced by the Regions, that is to change the criteria of colors and possible closures, then move from the number of infections – which says little – to that of hospitalizations and intensive care, which fortunately instead says a lot and is under control. Could there be more infections? Yes, but this does not mean that there will be more hospitalized and dead “.

On the obligation of green passes for restaurants and events, but also train travel applied by Macron, “the French model is not a model. The obligation, the constraint, to ask for the green pass for those who take the bus or a coffee – Salvini claims at the end of the meeting with the premier – it is out of the question. What does Draghi think? Ask him, but neither he nor I like extreme choices, let’s put it this way “.

“Obviously it will be necessary to respect the rules, for situations of large gathering”, he adds. “The vaccine must be a conscious choice, not an obligation. It can be explained, but I don’t chase anyone on the street, school or restaurant with the syringe.”

With the premier, he adds, “we talked for a long time about the reopening of schools, for everyone and in safety. Without exclusions. Exclusion from classes for those who are not vaccinated is absolutely not imaginable for me”.

On the justice front, for Salvini “we need to rush on reforms, accelerate on reforms. So reform of the justice to be brought to Parliament and approved by the summer”. “And the referendums on which we are collecting the reforms, which are used to accelerate and also cover issues that the Cartabia reform does not address”, he adds. And then, “tax reform with the tax cut that is a priority for the League, reform of the public administration, restart of all the construction sites”.

“Anyone who gets in the way and crosses the path of reforms, whether it’s Conte or Grillo or some current of the Democratic Party, will have an opponent in the League”, continues Salvini, who adds: “Let’s work with common sense, I said to the president: the League is there “.

And on the bill Zan warns: “If Letta insists on not listening to anything or anyone, he will destroy the law. The League has proposed amendments that collect the indications of associations, of the Holy Father, of feminists, gays, lesbians, teachers … we approve immediately all together, it would be a good sign of unanimity “.

“We remove from the text what divides: children, gender in schools, censorship, gagging, denial of freedom of thought and speech, and the law is approved first in the Senate and then in the House by the summer”, he continues.

“If Letta insists on the ideology it does not do the good of gays, lesbians and trans that he says he wants to defend and the law is scuttled. We saw it today in the Chamber on the vote on a suspension, 136 to 135, imagine what happens to the first amendment that will be voted on. We keep repeating: there is a mediation that brings together 99% of Parliament, we approve this law and move on to something else “, he stresses.

The note of Palazzo Chigi

“The Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, had a meeting at Palazzo Chigi with the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini. During the interview, issues related to reforms were discussed, with particular reference to interventions on justice, competition and taxation, the general economic prospects and the evolution of the epidemiological situation of the country “, reads a note from Palazzo Chigi.

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