the explanatory post on Instagram

the explanatory post on Instagram
the explanatory post on Instagram

A “no” that caused a sensation that confessed by Eros Ramazzotti in an interview with Corriere della Sera and on which the singer had to retract. The Roman artist has in fact claimed to have rejected Monica Bellucci’s advances then – after her utterances have made the rounds of the network – has specified what happened in a post on Instagram.

Eros Ramazzotti: “I said” no “to Monica Bellucci: we were both free”

What he stated

The anecdote about Bellucci dates back to yesterday morning, on the occasion of an interview in which the artist is asked to take stock of his career and private life. The discussion moves to the regrets chapter. “The day he regretted something?” Asks the reporter. A private no? «To Monica Bellucci. It was a time when both she and I were free. It remained a good memory».

Words that had inevitable echo in the world of gossip, so much so that Ramazzotti decided shortly after to clarify the concept on his official Instagram profile, modifying what had happened a little. In a video in which both he and Monica were guests of Stasera pago io, Fiorello’s old Rai show, Eros sings “Most beautiful thing”: «The regret of not having courted the most beautiful woman in the world enough», he writes. And then he adds in a story: “Not everything you read is true”. All is silent, however, on the Bellucci front.

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