Veronica Ciardi, from the GF with Sarah Nile to Bernardeschi’s “serenade”

Veronica Ciardi, from the GF with Sarah Nile to Bernardeschi’s “serenade”
Veronica Ciardi, from the GF with Sarah Nile to Bernardeschi’s “serenade”

«We light up the world», that is we will light up the world. It is the main line of the famous “Firestone», The song of Kygo e Conrad Sewell that animated theestate 2016. A romantic piece that, the July 13 of that same year, Federico Bernardeschi he dedicated on social networks to his new girlfriend, Veronica Ciardi, known a few weeks earlier on the warm beaches of Formentera thanks to mutual friends.

It is said that it was love at first sight between the showgirl and the footballer, at the time under the Fiorentina: none, however, would have never imagined that on that same day, five years later, they would be get married, moreover in the aftermath of a professional triumph of the player, who has just returned from success with Italy at the European Championship, where he scored his rigor both in the final and in the semifinal.

He, Tuscan, class 1994, began to play football as a child and, step by step, sacrifice after sacrifice, he managed to fulfill his dream arriving at the Juventus and in the national team. She, a Roman, nine years older, was employed for a period in one nursery school, but in the meantime he was trying to make his way into show business with beauty contests and you work as an image girl.

He also participated in the selections of Miss Italy, but the real turning point came in 2010 with the entry into the house of Big Brother. There, Veronica shows all her determination, mixed with moments of extreme fragility: in the course of the reality show first approaches Massimo Scattarella, then has a flirt with Mauro Marin, finally he weaves «an intense friendship» with Sarah Nile, topped with effusions and sapphic kisses.

Despite the rumors about the alleged falling in love have always been denials, today – in dayafter of the Ciardi-Bernardeschi wedding – it is Sarah a let off steam on Instagram showing a chat. «I ask you with the heart of disappear forever from my life because you only cause free pain », he wrote to her. “I wish you good life“. A message that does not seem to have upset Veronica, appeared smiling in church.

On the other hand a hold his hand there was Federico, the man who for the past five years there has always been, except for a short one break period in 2017. «Our story ended in a way peaceful and sharedShe announced, “No gossip and no speculation.” Then, a few months later, the turn around, with the arrival of Deva in 2019 («Goddess of the moon», Name strongly desired by Veronica) and by Lena last May.

To be honest it must be said that the showgirl, since she became a mother, has been a bit out of the spotlight, caring more his privacy. To think that, after leaving the GF, she immediately accepted an assignment a Afternoon 5 and even took part to some movies, including “The usual idiots» e «Holiday operation“. To change her life is still the July 13, therefore, his birthday and – from today – also his marriage.

«We light up the world», promise kept.


Federico Bernardeschi and Veronica Ciardi, the wedding photos


Federico Bernardeschi marries Veronica Ciardi

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