The Miglio a Colori mural will be created in Milan

The PXLs collective continues the second act of its RESO2020 project by launching crowdfunding to create the MIGLIO A COLORI, a mile long mural that will connect Piazzale Lodi and Corvetto


MASS ACTION: COLLECTIVE 2020 RETURN REQUEST. FILL OUT THE FORM HERE”: This is the alienating sentence written on the posters that have covered the walls of the city of Milan since last March. It was the provocation launched by artistic collective PXLs on the occasion of the first anniversary of the lockdown, which demanded compensation for a year substantially thrown away. Now the return request is about to turn into an ambitious project that will call upon internationally renowned artists, giving life to a monumental work hand painted with special paints e a mile long: it will connect piazzale Lodi to piazzale Corvetto in the south east of the city. With the Mile in Color – this is the name of the project – PXLs therefore intends to celebrate the restart of Milan and to entrust the teachings of a year of loneliness, fear, isolation to future memory; it does so by taking the outskirts of the city as a model and giving life to a permanent work extending over an area of ​​3200 square meters, participated by various local actors, associations, inhabitants and children. The collaboration agreement that belongs to the Cariplo Foundation and is coordinated by Labsus and Italia Nostra is also part of the Miglio delle Farfalle “floral reforestation” project.



To support the artistic project, dedicated to the resilience of Milan and Lombardy hard hit by the health emergency, it will be possible to participate in the crowdfunding activated on Produzioni dal Basso, by purchasing one of the 297 certified copies of the poster of RESO2020, a limited edition movable type print made by hand that re-proposes the poster protagonist of the billboard campaign of March, when it all began. But what will be represented on the very long painting? Finally, until September 2021, PXLs will continue to collect the thoughts of the Milanese on the pandemic on its web page and then translate the testimonies and the stories of emotions and feelings experienced during this difficult year and a half into the images that will make up the work of the Mile in Color.


The resulting work represents what we missed most during our isolation”, He explains BluPXLs, spokesperson for the artistic collective. “A reality made up of concrete experiences, rooted in the territory and linked to the people who live there. An artistic work that tells the city as a whole and the great value of its suburbs. It is no coincidence that we have chosen the Fratelli Bonvini 1909 typography for the RESO2020 poster, and Arti Grafiche Zacchetti, historical realities of Corso Lodi, which merge with the social fabric of the neighborhood where the Miglio a Colori will come to life.”.

-Giulia Ronchi



Miglio Colori mural created Milan

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