Legal euthanasia referendum, already over 100 thousand signatures: “Queues at banquets, despite the obstruction of the Municipalities and no adhesion of the main parties”

The collection of signatures for the Referendum on Legal Euthanasia exceeds the first milestone of the 100 thousand companies. “A small secular miracle,” he declared Marco Cappato, treasurer ofLuca Coscioni Association. The ambitious goal and never as possible now to reach are the 500 thousand subscriptions by 30 September next. “We have created the conditions to achieve it, despite obstructions and obstacles of all kinds, which we are overcoming thanks to the extraordinary work of 12,000 volunteers,” she said. And there are difficulties: “It is impressive to see how the official political debate is totally uninterested regarding the euthanasia issue and the collection of signatures in progress, while it is underway a mobilization in all the Italian provinces with queues to sign that form as soon as we open a banquet ”. The filibuster is both political and media: “No membership among the main national parties, obstruction in many municipalities that refuse forms and do not collaborate with the collection of signatures by denying streets and squares, exhausting postponement by the government on the subject of electronic subscription via Spid and digital signature, lack of information to lawyers and councilors and municipal employees on their possibility of authenticating signatures, absence of any type of institutional communication by the public radio and television service and total elimination of the theme from the main television lounges “. From today the special section of the site on is also online for all the information on where to sign and how to help.

Compared to the 100 thousand signatures, the estimates, which include subscriptions in the municipal offices, increase the figure by further 10,000 subscriptions. This was communicated by the Luca Coscioni Association, speaking of an “extraordinary national mobilization which, in particular, between 9 and 12 July saw queues to sign in over 1000 tables set up in more than 250 Municipalities”. The first 5 regions for signatures collected for every 10,000 inhabitants are Valle d’Aosta (41.5 per 10,000 inhabitants), Piedmont (26,0), Umbria (24,8), Emilia Romagna (20,3), Trentino Alto Adige (19.1). Involved in the collection of signatures many volunteers throughout Italy from over 2000 municipalities: they are 9360, 1802 authenticators, of which 1097 lawyers, 155 law firms open to signatures. To these national figures are added over 70 Italians residing abroad intent on collecting signatures in consulates around the world.

The shot, Cappato says again, was and is possible thanks to the commitment from below. “In this context, the 12,000 volunteers are achieving a small secular miracle which will now see the most difficult passage in August, with the closure of lawyers’ offices and the holidays of many. From next week the subscription campaign will also start in the municipal offices where we have sent the forms at our expense, in the absence of the provision of an electronic system even if required by law ”.

The organizations, movements and parties that have joined the Coscioni Association are also growing Promoting Committee of the Referendum. Among these are: Italian Radicals, Italian Socialist Party, Eumans, Volt, Più Europa, Possibile, Italian Left, Federation of the Greens, CGIL, the council groups of the 5 Star Movement of Lombardy, Piedmont, Tuscany, Sicily, Friuli-Venezia Giulia , that of the PD of the Marches, the national ARCI and the 6000 Sardine Movement. Just today the Mayor M5s signed in Turin Chiara Hangers. While between and parliamentarians signed by: Teresa Bellanova (Iv), Emma Bonino (Radicali), Valeria Fedeli (Pd), Matteo Mantero (ex M5s), Michela Montevecchi (M5s), Roberto Rampi (Pd); the deputies and deputies Vittoria Baldino (M5s), Giusi Bartolozzi (Fi), Valentina Bartozzi (M5s), Giuseppe Brescia (M5s), Enza Bruno Bossio (Pd), Valentina Corneli (M5s), Celeste D’Arrando (M5s), Carmen Di Lauro (M5s), Nicola Fratoianni (Si), Roberto Giachetti (Iv), Antonio Lombardo (M5s), Riccardo Magi (+ Europe), Angela Masi (M5s), Leonardo Salvatore Penna (M5s), Stefania Pezzopane (Pd), Lia Quartapelle Procopio (Pd), Riccardo Ricciardi (M5s), Doriana Sarli (M5s), Ivan Scalfarotto (Iv), Lucia Scanu (M5s), Elisa Siragusa (M5s), Gilda Sportiello (M5s), Guia Termini (M5s), Elisa Tripodi (M5s), Giorgio Trizzino (ex M5s), Elio Vito (Fi).

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