Back to school for many schools without electronic register: Axios under cyber attack, black out since before Easter

Electronic register in school

On Wednesday 7 April many Italian schools will resume teaching – two thirds with pupils in attendance, the rest at a distance – probably without having the possibility to access the electronic register: Axios Italia, the first provider of this kind of services on the Italian territory, has to deal with a difficult blackout that was revealed on Saturday 3 April, during the Easter Eve. At the end of the evening of Tuesday 6 April there were no news.

According to the explanation given by Axios herself, the fact is “Unequivocally consequence of a ransomware attack brought to our infrastructure“.

Fortunately “from the investigations carried out, at the moment, there are no data losses and / or exfiltrations “, the company providing the service has always clarified to about 40% of the institutions.

An apology and the hope of recovery

Some schools have informed users, on their official websites, that the gradual restoration of system functionality is an operation that will require “a few days” of waiting.

The inaccessibility of the servers would have been justified by Axios by technical problems due to an unspecified cyber attack.

“We apologize again for the disruption that we plan to restore as soon as possible”, wrote the company on 6 April.

The “emergency instructions”

In the meantime, Axios has also provided school principals and directors of general and administrative services with “emergency instructions”.

“Following the attack suffered by our platform, we send below the instructions to manage the emergency register of the protocol”, attaching “facsimiles of the models to be used both for opening the emergency register and for its compilation and closure “.

“Once the procedure for managing the WEB protocol is back online – writes the IT company -, please follow the instructions in the manual or follow the tutorial at this link”.

Axios has also made links available to schools:

Opening the emergency protocol log

Compilation of emergency protocol log

Emergency log log shutdown

Already in April 2020 …

A similar problem arose exactly one year ago: on that occasion Axios Italia also made it known that it intended to “To file a complaint with the Postal Police for the serious attack suffered”.

“Our systems are secure, but the huge number of fraudulent logins blocks regular access to services. All our forces are currently on the field to restore service as soon as possible “, the company wrote before restoring the service. This time, unfortunately, the bug appears more complex.

What the RE contains

Failure to access the electronic register is not a minor problem: the online electronic register, in fact, contains the attendance and absences of students, their assessments, as well as the assignment of tasks, the provision of various teaching resources, also multimedia, but also communications for students and families.

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