Melons against Green Pass to participate in social life: “It’s chilling”

Melons against Green Pass to participate in social life: “It’s chilling”
Melons against Green Pass to participate in social life: “It’s chilling”

On the Green Pass France could make school and this hypothesis does not please at all Giorgia Meloni, leader of Fratelli d’Italia who, with a very hard social post, branded as “chilling”The idea of ​​copying the measure issued beyond the Alps by Emmanuel Macron.

The idea of ​​using the Green Pass to participate in social life is chilling, it is the last step towards the realization of an Orwellian society. – tweeted Meloni – Una unconstitutional madness that the Brothers of Italy forcefully rejects. For us, individual freedom is sacred and inviolable ”.

In fact, in France the Elysée announced a real tightening regarding vaccines: an obligation for health personnel, while only with the Green Pass will you be able to use trains and planes as well as access theaters, cinemas, bars and restaurants.

In essence, if this law were to be approved, from August in France without the Green Pass there will be severe limitations regarding the social life. A move that prompted a million French to sign up for the vaccine in just one day.

Melons against the restrictions of the Green Pass

For days even in Italy one would be thinking of adopting a similar measure: with the Delta variant advancing, at the moment there are still 20 million citizens who have not received even a dose.

If in September the number of vaccinated people were to be insufficient, the government could then think of introducing legislation similar to that announced by Macron in France.

Emblematic in this regard is the request made by Alessio D’Amato, Lazio Health Councilor: “Concerts, club nights, stadiums: you need the Green Pass for all events. Otherwise what did we do?”.

In this context and precisely on the day when the polls sanctioned the overtaking of the Brothers of Italy with regard to the League, the position of Giorgia Meloni against this restrictive hypothesis.

It is also easy to hypothesize an opposition by Matteo Salvini, who still has to get vaccinated. At the moment, however, a squeeze on the Green Pass would not seem to be on the agenda in Italy.

However, if in the coming weeks the health situation worsens without a simultaneous shot in the vaccination campaign, the Government he will necessarily have to evaluate the possibility of allowing access in various public places only to those in possession of the Green Pass.

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