From San Gigio to blue Meghan, meme and teasing on the web – European Championships 2020

From ‘San Gigio Donnarumma’ to the composed smiles of President Mattarella, passing through the disappointed faces of the English royals and Meghan with the Italian flag, Italy’s victory at the European Football Championships unleashes the irony of social users with a shower of memes for make fun of the Whites and the fans of the Three Lions, while the hashtags ItsComingRome and itsnotcominghome that overturn the English mantra of the last few days are viral on Twitter. Among the most shared images on social profiles and Whatsapp groups there is first of all the simple Italian flag with the caption ‘Brexit completed’, a concept repeated on hundreds of Italian Twitter and Facebook profiles and beyond. Then around the web is the composed exultation and the smile of Sergio Mattarella, which someone has associated with the image of Sandro Pertini to remember ‘the power of 11 July’, an already historic date for the Italian victory at the World Cup of 82. The intervention of Giorgio Chiellini who tugs for the Bukayo Saka shirt has gone viral with dozens of different captions but all to indicate the same concept: Italy stopping England from taking the cup home. Teased him for the defeat of the Whites obviously do not spare the royals, in particular Prince William, Princess Kate and little George present at Wembley. Merciless the image of the prince with the face disappointed by the defeat, while Roberto Mancini becomes “queen” in a photomontage shared on social networks, complete with a hat, the accessory so loved by Elisabetta. Among the most irreverent images, that of the sovereign next to a photo of Sora Lella engaged in a blatant gesture of the umbrella. The quarrels of the royal family with Prince Harry and his wife are too succulent a dish for the memes on the final, and then Meghan becomes an Italian fan in a photomontage that portrays her with the Italian flag, while the profile ‘The phrases of Osho’ uses a photo that portrays Harry and William together with the second accusing the first: “A roscio, I saw you yesterday in Piazza der Popolo with the tricolor wig”. On the Italian side, the image of Federico Chiesa who telephones his mother to celebrate the victory has made its way into the hearts of the Azzurri fans. Gigio Donnarumma is a saint in a photomontage that portrays him complete with a halo, while the national team coach is Damiano dei Maneskin in a photomontage of his iconic pose with his legs on the table at the press conference for the Italian victory of the Eurovision Song Contest. Hero of the evening, together with Donnarumma, is certainly Leonardo Bonucci, the protagonist of many images on social networks, first of all the video in which he shouts to the English fans that “you have to eat more pasta!”. To be viral are not only the teasing to the English, but also the images of an unforgettable night, such as Mancini’s tears in the embrace with Gianluca Vialli, Chiellini and Bonucci in bed with the cup, and above all Gigio who flies to save the penalty decisive, with the background of an immobile English curve for the awareness now achieved: it’s not coming home.



San Gigio blue Meghan meme teasing web European Championships

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