In the elections in Bulgaria, no party got enough votes to govern, again

According to the partial results of the elections in Bulgaria which took place on Sunday 11 July, no party has obtained enough votes to govern. With about 95 percent of the votes counted, Bulgaria’s Citizens for European Development (GERB, center-right) party of former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is at 23.91 percent. The populist party “There is such a people” (ITN), founded in 2020 by popular TV presenter, singer and comedian Slavi Trifonov, is at 23.66 percent. The Socialist Party, which until a few months ago was the largest opposition party, is instead in third place with 13.63 per cent of the votes.

The last elections were held after those in April had been resolved with nothing: no party had managed to get enough parliamentary votes to secure confidence. Now, the situation could be replicated: no party will get enough consensus to be able to form a government on its own and it seems unlikely that the two parties with the most votes will be able to form a strong enough coalition with other smaller parties. The possibilities could therefore be the formation of a minority government or a return to the vote.

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