Mancini-Vialli, the big hug between tears: “A circle has closed”

Mancini-Vialli, the big hug between tears: “A circle has closed”
Mancini-Vialli, the big hug between tears: “A circle has closed”

“Tonight a circle has come full circle, but happiness is for all the Italians who are celebrating at home”. Roberto Mancini in tears makes it difficult to speak. First he hugs his ‘little brother’ Gianluca Vialli on the Wembley field, who is also in tears, then he thinks about the meaning of an unforgettable night.

“I have no words for these guys, I simply say that they are wonderful”, says the coach of the rebirth, who restarted Italian football after the 2018 Russia flop and gives the boost to the enthusiasm of an entire country. “We deserve it, after a year of pandemic”, say in chorus the captain, Giorgio Chiellini, and his defense twin, Leonardo Bonucci, while on the Wembley lawn the blues party goes wild. And the compliments of Mattarella and Draghi arrive via social media.

Florenzi goes to collect the medal and in favor of the camera shouts ‘Look mammaaaa !!!!’, Spinazzola jumps on one leg together with his companions, Immobile cries like a child. “The start was difficult, but then we dominated the game”, says the coach of the suffered victory, down by a goal after 2 ‘, then the draw, the closure in attack, the lottery of penalties where the strength of the group has emerged. . “We knew that there was something magical in the air since May”, shouts Chiellini, while Bonucci with the hunger for victories of the Juve DNA looks ahead.

“Tonight is the best night of my career, but then maybe the one in a year and a half will be even better,” he says, thinking about the World Cup in Qatar. “In the meantime, let’s enjoy this – Mancini brakes – Here on the Wembley pitch, Vialli and I weren’t lucky, but tonight we took back what we missed, and a circle has come full circle”.

He remembers the day when Alessandro Costacurta, Figc deputy commissioner, “came to my house with Oriali, to talk about this adventure”, which few believed. The hero of the evening is Donnarumma. “I still can’t understand what happened, it’s incredible – he says – Compared to the early years of Milan and the Azzurri I grew up in maturity, and I think we saw the future tonight. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.” “Now – concludes captain Chiellini, after having raised the Cup – we want to celebrate at home with all the Italians”.

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