From Wimbledon: Matteo Berrettini and Novak Djokovic speak. Berrettini “” I had a pain in my leg, a slight discomfort, but I certainly did not lose for this reason. ” (with the video of the final)

Novak Djokovic and Matteo Berrettini in the photo

Matteo Berrettini : “I am angry, I am sorry because I lost, but I cannot forget what I have been doing in the last three weeks, from winning at Queen’s onwards. And I cannot forget that in my not too brilliant performance, there is a lot of credit to Djokovic, who among his qualities has precisely that of neutralizing the game of his opponents. I cannot say that I will definitely conquer this tournament sooner or later, but I am sure I have the chance to do so. During these two weeks I have had proof of it. Before the semifinal, getting to play the title seemed too big a dream to me, but then I showed that I could be the protagonist, even if I didn’t play my best tennis “.

“I had a pain in my leg, a slight discomfort, but I certainly didn’t lose for this reason. We preferred to wrap her up as a precaution, but it shouldn’t be anything serious. It certainly didn’t affect my performance. Nole won because she deserved to win, and that’s it. Djokovic is undoubtedly the toughest opponent to beat, especially when it comes to beating him in a Grand Slam final. It’s one that has steadily improved over the years, and is now without any weaknesses. On the contrary, he knows perfectly well how to put his opponents in difficulty, he studies them and makes sure to make them play badly. It happened with me too, I realize, but at the same time I couldn’t find a way to respond effectively. The goal is to keep progressing so that one day he can find the key to beat him. As Nole said, he learned a lot from losing to Nadal and Federer. I will try to do the same, to draw some lessons from this match ”.

“I need to play matches like these to get used to giving my best on these occasions. He was in the thirtieth final, I was in the first one, he certainly made a difference. At the same time I feel not too far from the greats, I know I can play it, that I have chances when I meet them, and such a feeling is extraordinary, it is fuel to train even more and even better. This time Djokovic was able to neutralize my main weapons, serve and forehand, and he was able to be extremely precise in the serve. At the next opportunity I’ll be able to do better, I can’t wait for another chance to arrive ”.

Novak Djokovic SERB: “I felt a lot more tense and nervous than usual in the first few games of the match. But when I lost the first set, all this tension was gone. I felt relieved. And since I went 4-0 in the second, I felt like I could control the match. Obviously, when you play on grass against someone who serves like Matteo, it is always difficult to find the rhythm, but at some point I realized that once I got into the exchange I would have a better chance than him to win the point. And so it was, even if it wasn’t easy at all, with history just a step away… ”.

“Everything is connected: when you play more matches you have more experience, when you have more experience you tolerate tension better, and by bearing tension better you have more confidence in yourself. In this aspect of pressure management, I believe I have made the most progress in recent years, more than in any other area of ​​the game. For me, age right now is just a number. And I can say that never before have I felt such a complete player ”.

“I the best ever? I feel one of the best, and it is an honor to be called into question, even if I have always said that it is difficult to compare different eras, comparing ourselves with players who even played with different materials than the ones we use now. Only two or three years ago I started thinking about records, because before I saw them too far apart. Then I started to imagine the week one at number 1 and I reached it. Then that of the number of Grand Slams won, aware of the fact that I have a complete repertoire, suitable for winning on any surface. The Golden Slam? After knowing that there will be no public in Tokyo, I feel a bit torn about whether to go or not, at the moment I would say that I give myself a 50% chance of being there “.

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