Trento brings Nizetich back to Italy

Trento brings Nizetich back to Italy
Trento brings Nizetich back to Italy

TRENTO-Charisma, technical and human qualities and a considerable wealth of experience. These are the right words to briefly describe Yamila Nizetich, the first new face of the renewed Delta Despar Trentino, ready to participate for the second consecutive year in the A1 women’s championship. After the confirmations of coach Bertini and the guarantees of Piani, Moro and Furlan, the landing in the yellow-blue jersey of the Argentine side is official, already admired in Italy in its experiences in Pesaro, Novara and Cuneo and ready to return to the Belpaese after a season spent in France to Beziers. Athlete with great international experience – since 2008 Yamila is in fact in the Argentine national team – Nizetich, 32-year-old lateral born in Córdoba, is a complete 4-place hitter, equipped with important solutions in the front line and particularly solid and reliable in the fundamentals of defense and reception.


« Trento is a company that I know well and from numerous people I have received positive feedback on this reality, which I have followed with great attention throughout the last season.Moreover, I am linked to Matteo Bertini by a beautiful relationship of mutual respect after the experience lived together with Pesaro and being able to return to work with him was undoubtedly an extra boost to choose to wear the Delta Despar Trentino jersey. I really liked the project that the company presented to me, I am happy to be able to bring my experience to a young group like the one that is being born. I am aware that a very demanding championship will await us, the level has risen further but the team we are setting up will undoubtedly be interesting and competitive. Personally I describe myself as a player with a lot of grit and determination, I am a hard worker who wants to work hard in the gym to improve day by day. I like to describe myself as a positive leader: I am available to everyone to help the team grow to achieve the goals set by the company ».


«I am very happy to be able to return to work together with Yamila after the experience lived in Pesaro which allowed me to know and appreciate an athlete and a person with great values, both technicians and humans. The Nizetich fits perfectly with our project, will bring a great dose of experience and from a technical point of view will allow us to make an important qualitative leap in second-line fundamentals ».


Trento brings Nizetich Italy

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