Volleyball: Italy dragged by Michieletto still beats Argentina

Volleyball: Italy dragged by Michieletto still beats Argentina
Volleyball: Italy dragged by Michieletto still beats Argentina

The young blue still the best of his. Blengini shuffles the cards: Piano is good too. On the 16th the departure for Japan

In the last pre-Olympic test match, Italy still has the better of Argentina. The Azzurri thus repeat the success achieved in yesterday’s match. Both technicians, to give minutes to the whole squad, make several changes compared to the starting sextet seen less than 24 hours before. Blengini leaves Zaytsev and Juantorena to rest: Giannelli in the direction opposite Vettori, central Piano-Galassi, Lavia-Michieletto the bands, Colaci free. Mendez responds with the diagonal Sanchez-Pereyra, Ramos-Solè the central players, Palacios and Poglajen the hammers, Danani free. The Azzurri start better with Michieletto, well triggered by Giannelli, who brings his forward 8-5. The young hammer is repeated shortly after with a perfect ace (12-8). It is Italy to lead the games in this set showing great determination, the same that Vectors put us in signing on 17-12. Giannelli again with a splendid serve, Azzurri at +7. Argentina is in trouble, Blengini’s team wins the partial without too many worries (25-18). Italy (65% in attack) with 4 winning blocks, none for the South Americans. Second set: the double wall of Galassi and Lavia brings the blues forward 7-4. The coach Mendez tries to shake his team, but the plot of the match does not change. The lash of Lima (13-8) is of little use. Yet another wall in Italy and it is 17-9. In this phase of the game the South American maneuver shows several gaps, for Giannelli and his companions it is not difficult to find the winning bet and get to checkers. Piano clocks 20-13, but Ramos keeps Argentina afloat below 4 points. De Cecco’s mistake in the service also gives the second set to Blengini’s team who today is receiving positive responses from all the members of the squad. Azzurri with 7 winning blocks, Argentina 2. Third set: start in the name of balance, ace from Ramos for 5-5. Then Italy returns to grind the game: Vectors for 15-10. Shortly after, the opposite is still the protagonist with a touch of precision that brings Blengini’s formation to +7. Italy plays on velvet showing the best hits in the repertoire. Two errors in the service of the South Americans keep the blues ahead 20-14. Anzani under the net is good at scoring the 22-16 point. As in the second set, also in this case it is an error from 9 meters (Palacios) to give the set and victory to the Italian national team, with the audience of the Palasport di Cisterna in ecstasy. These two victories are certainly a good encouragement for the upcoming races that matter. The Italian expedition to Japan will start on July 16, but tomorrow the head and heart of the blue group will be there: on July 24 the debut in the Olympic tournament against Canada is scheduled.

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Volleyball Italy dragged Michieletto beats Argentina

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