STOP weather VERA Summer: gust of COLD AIR DROPS between BUBBLES of Africa: Thunderstorms and Hail

Evolution cold drop european weather center

evolution drop cold air American weather center - STOP REAL weather Summer: burst of COLD AIR DROPS between BUBBLES of Africa: Thunderstorms and Hail

Evolution cold air drop in american weather center

Here is the climatic weather extremization, the one of which both the science has spoken in recent years. It begins, indeed it has had the days speeches manifesting itself with heat waves and then thunderstorms which caused a lot of damage and a lot of fright because it was under there.

In fact, when two different air masses interact, atmospheric phenomena can assume considerable intensity, in particular thunderstorms. In this circumstance they can form storm cells very large forerunners of storms and hailstorms, especially accompanied by gusts of wind which can even exceed 150 km/h and cause huge damage to structures and vegetation, so much so that they are often baptized tornadoes. But their exact name we repeat it every year is called downburst.

The downburst is a very violent wind from the cumulus cloud that precedes the storm. In some circumstances the wind speed can exceed 150 km / h for many minutes and cause enormous damage, such as those documented by the mass media and social networks with hundreds of photographs and videos.

We are in the process of being affected by extreme weather. On the day of on Monday we will have a heat wave with peaks of 40 ° C and even more on some Italian regions. Already in the early hours of Tuesday the drop of cold air it will make itself felt starting from the Italian northwest, where they will make their way in bursts violent thunderstorms with the possibility of devastating hailstorms, as well as strong gusts of wind. Another aspect that accompanies such storms is the remarkable amount of lightning.

The drop of cold air will have a very rapid evolution on Italy, crossing it all. Mathematical forecasting models currently do not identify many of the phenomena that will occur. So those who consult the automatic weather forecasts in the most disparate devices, they will probably have incorrect information. Atmospheric instability generates thunderstorms, and predicting where they will hit is difficult to define.

This time, however, the drop of the cold will also pass through Central Italy and Southern Italy, including the Major Islands. It is unthinkable that there will be no effects in those parts as well, with even aggressive storm lines. We have seen similar events in the past. In these circumstances, hail and rain also occurred in those parts. I’m. however generally short-lived phenomena, but they create havoc, as well as sometimes a lot of damage.

We do not want to cause alarmism, but in the height of summer after a very long hot spell, and after another heat wave, one drop of cold air in the middle of the Mediterranean is something very unusual and anomalous.

But observing the mathematical models of prediction we have found that nnew heat waves will quickly reach Italy, but then immediately there will be pulses of cold air, or rather cold air cores at high altitude. Anything could give troubles to the real summer, even if after all there is not much of a true summer, because the heat that has occurred so far over most of Italy is anomalous, due to temperatures that are excessively above average.

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