Covid, positive and isolated in Valencia. Matilda’s Odyssey Holiday – Chronicle

Covid, positive and isolated in Valencia. Matilda’s Odyssey Holiday – Chronicle
Covid, positive and isolated in Valencia. Matilda’s Odyssey Holiday – Chronicle

Florence, 11 July 2021 – Finally in holiday after a tiring year, of prohibitions and clauses. It was a fun week in Valencia for Matilde Baldini, 19-year-old Florentine student. Then the final surprise. Nothing dulcis in fundo. Thursday, before leaving for Florence, he swab, not being vaccinated yet. With the positive result the problems began. The friend she shared the rented apartment with took off and she was left alone in Spain.

“Obviously they imposed ten days of isolation on her, but the most incredible thing is that in Valencia there are no sanitary hotels, she has to stay in the apartment where the owner demands the rent money and still no one has brought her food”, the story is told by her mother Sabrina Viciani, a nurse in Careggi, who immediately set off to solicit the authorities After contacting the Italian consulate general in Barcelona, ​​she was given the numbers to call.

“They said they can provide assistance if you feel bad, if you need to be transported to the hospital, but no one can do anything more, because there are no health hotels.” Matilde is loyal. She stays at home. shopping. But how many others will do like her? And her friend, her close contact, has left on the flight. In theory she should have remained in quarantine too. If that is the case, it is not surprising that she is in the contagion curve rises rapidly.

In addition to the consulate, Sabrina Viciani contacted the Farnesina, receiving the same information from Barcelona again. Matilde, after a day and a half of headache and fatigue, has no symptoms but does not know who to get food to be brought to. The only solution are home deliveries? Once again it is the mother who sets off, through acquaintances she managed to find a girl who lives in Valencia and gave her the willingness to do the shopping.

«I ask if all this is right. If it is legitimate that there are no health hotels and the family has to bear the expense of another ten days of renting a house for a period that is not a holiday but of isolation – explains Sabrina – My daughter will remain in isolation until July 18, then for Spain she is free if she has not had symptoms for 3 days, while to embark for Italy she must be negative for the swab done at her expense. He will also have to book a new flight. “
Of course, after a year and a half of the pandemic, management is still cumbersome, the protocols disregarded. You never learn. And the virus goes.

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