Covid, the Delta variant is scary: new closures in Spain and the Netherlands | Concern is also growing in Italy

New closures in Spain – In Spain, Catalonia has closed discos and other nightclubs over the weekend and a vaccination certificate will be required to access any outdoor event with more than 500 people. A measure that risks compromising the fundamental tourist season for the Catalan community, an important destination for summer holidays.

Holland is also running for cover – In the Netherlands, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced a series of new restrictive measures, including the closure of all discos and restaurants at midnight in the face of the new peak of infections in the country: on Saturday there were over 10 thousand infections, a number that hadn’t been seen since Christmas.

The intervention of the ministry in Italy: tracking and vaccination – For our country, Roberto Speranza warns: “Either we accelerate on tracing and vaccines or there is a risk of closures in August”. In fact, the Ministry of Health indicates in a circular its measures precisely in the light of an “International Delta variant alert: increase in Covid-19 cases in various European countries”. It is feared that the long wave of this mutation will also come to us and the document therefore underlines that “in order to mitigate its impact, it is important to maintain the incidence at values ​​that allow the systematic tracking of most positive cases and the massive sequencing of Sars Cov-2 to detect early and control the evolution of genetic variants in our country “.

In view of a 90% spread of the variant throughout Europe by the end of August, the ministry stresses that it is necessary “to guarantee vaccination strategies that take into account the possible lower protection after a single dose of vaccine, the effectiveness of the complete cycle and of the need to carry it out as soon as possible in individuals at risk of infection “.

Fear in Spain – “The pandemic is not over – said Patricia Plaja, spokesman for the Catalan Generalitat, announcing the new restrictions for the community – and we still have significant segments of the population who have not received the vaccine”. Cases among young people are worrying: the Spanish Ministry of Health reported that the transmission of the coronavirus in this segment of the population has doubled in 7 days.

Japan, the expanding variant in Tokyo – Delta infections are also spreading in Tokyo and neighboring regions, where they account for 30% of infections. The number of cases of the variant began to increase in mid-June in the capital and then spread to the surrounding prefectures, where the “near-state of emergency” was extended until 22 August, well beyond the duration of the Olympics. The variant should reach 75% by the end of July.

Cases are also growing in the US – But the alarm is also growing in the United States, after the country has exceeded 20 thousand new cases for the fourth day in a row, a number that has not been seen since May. The infections run mainly in counties where the vaccination rate is below 40%.

Hope vaccines – The hope of the world is now in vaccines, which in terms of hospitalizations and deaths are proving their effectiveness, limiting the numbers compared to infections. An effect witnessed by the situation in the United Kingdom, where on the eve of the European final at Wembley there were over 32 thousand daily cases from Covid – over 3 thousand fewer infections since Friday – while the increase in hospitalizations and deaths remains at lower levels.

The contagion runs where little is vaccinated – The most dramatic situation is seen in countries with a low percentage of vaccinations, such as Russia, where 752 deaths from Covid were ascertained on Saturday, the maximum since the beginning of the pandemic.

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