Why switch from Tim to Iliad. The mini guide

Is switching from Tim to Iliad worthwhile? What changes when you switch from Tim to Iliad? While the answer to the first question, about convenience, is fairly obvious, the other question about changes is perhaps less so. Tim is the oldest operator in the Italian telephone market. As a former monopolist, Tim (formerly Telecom Italia) has a customer base also made up of older people, not very used to change and who may have been with Tim for many years. And they have never experienced the thrill of changing managers. Is Iliad the right choice for this type of user? We answer with this which wants to be the definitive guide to the passage from Tim to Iliad. Are you ready?

Iliad is cheaper than Tim

As we said before, the reflection on convenience is the most obvious and obvious one. Iliad is today the most convenient telephone provider in terms of price, Iliad’s rates are certainly more inviting than Tim’s. As we have told in our other posts here on 4Fan.it, however, it is not a matter that can only be reduced to the mere aspect of pricing. Iliad’s prices are above all simpler and clearer, especially when compared to those of Tim. Over the years, manager Tim has produced an incredible amount of offers, rate plans and promotions. Most of these plans then passed under the ax of remodeling, a practice very dear to Tim. Rates that seemed convenient at the time of purchase then underwent unilateral increases and changes in the terms of the contract. And also in the fantastic and varied world of Tim there are many additional services that lead to sudden and unexpected costs. Answering machine, I looked for you, the mysterious price of the basic plan renewal. Let’s face it: clarity is not Tim’s strong point, in our opinion of course.

Instead it is for Iliad. The fourth mobile telephone operator has bet everything yes on affordable rates but above all on prices without surprises, true, forever and for real. By adhering to an Iliad rate, you will surely have the guarantee of paying the agreed amount at the end of the month, without adding unexpected costs. It is already a nice change for those from Tim who decide to activate Iliad while keeping the number.

The rates, at this time, of Iliad, are these that you see linked below:

Number portability from Tim to Iliad

Obviously in the passage from Tim to Iliad no fear of having to change telephone number thanks to the process of mobile number portability. The portability of the mobile number allows you to bring any number of Tim to Iliad. New manager, same number. The process is quite quick. Once the Iliad sim has been purchased online, it will be sufficient to wait for the express courier to arrive and then, from the Iliad website, confirm the start of the portability procedure. A completely automatic and managed process between telephone operators (the customer does not have to do anything at all). Two or three days usually pass from receiving the SIM to the actual migration of the old number.

You can then go from Tim to Iliad quickly and painlessly.

Switching from the Tim network to that of Iliad

Tim has had an advantage on the coverage front for decades. If you think about switching from Tim to Iliad it is obvious that the mobile coverage theme will probably be the most felt. Because there is a strong fear of passing from a certainty, Tim, to the unknown, Iliad. Rest assured because this is not the case. What is certain is that the Tim network is really super widespread and widespread in every corner of Italy. But Iliad has on its side a mechanism that has allowed it, since its birth, to reduce the gap with its competitors to almost zero. On the one hand, Iliad is spreading its own network, modern, stable, efficient and already all 5G. But on the other hand, to ensure full coverage throughout Italy, it uses the WindTre antennas in national ran sharing roaming. A particular modality in which in fact nothing changes for the final customer. The usual cover notches appear on the display of the Iliad user, with the writing Iliad. And this really happens almost everywhere, both in big cities and in rural areas.

It doesn’t mean that Iliad has the same coverage as Tim, for heaven’s sake. But we can tell you that the gap to Tim’s advantage is perceived to be greater than it actually is. By switching networks and switching to Iliad all in all, you may not notice insuperable differences in terms of network coverage.

But on all these issues, on the great differences between Iliad and Tim, we also want to discuss them with you. And even more we want the testimony of those who made this transition. We will try to keep this guide updated on how to switch to Iliad coming from Tim. And we will do it above all thanks to your contributions that you can publish freely, and without the need for registration, in the appropriate space below.

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