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Inside Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline we can find an easter egg dedicated to P.T., the Silent Hills demo created by Kojima years ago. In reality, more than just an easter egg, it is an official mission of Ubisoft which almost completely recreates PT Let’s see the details.

Before continuing, however, you must know that to explain what Ubisoft has done with Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline it is necessary to do some small spoilers. If you want to know how PT was recreated and do not fear any anticipation, continue beyond the image below.


Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline proposes a mission called “Bury Your Dead“: In this one, Jackson Pearce – the grandson of Aiden Pearce (protagonist of the first game) – plunges into Aiden’s mind to help him recover from an injury. At one point in the mission, Jackson is sent to a haunted house he represents. Aiden’s psyche and the fact that he didn’t deal with Lena’s death in the first game.

Walking through one of the doors of the house, you find yourself in an infinite loop. Jackson, as you can see from the images provided by The Gamer, is in a copy of the house of PT La sstructure of the house it is the same: in the first area there are the clocks, in the second a desk full of objects, while another corridor leads to the basement. The objects are placed like in the Silent Hills demo and there are also eye drawings on the walls.

P.T. in Watch Dogs Legion Bloodlines

At the end of the second corridor, a broken voice can also be heard coming from a telephone. Also, as in PT, there is a kind of balcony: in the Kojima demo, it was sometimes possible to see Lisa in this place. Clearly all this is not accidental: Ubisoft wanted to pay homage to Konami’s (almost) game with Watch Dogs Legion Bloodlines.

Watch Dogs Legion Bloodlines doesn't hide the source of inspiration

Watch Dogs Legion Bloodlines doesn’t hide the source of inspiration

If you are interested in the game of Ubisoft, here’s a behind-the-scenes video for Watch Dogs Legion Bloodlines.


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