Euro2020, Scotland appeals to Mancio-Braveheart: “Roberto save us you!” | News

On Sunday evening, Italy fans will be in a clear minority a Wembley, but the Azzurri will also be able to count on the support of another nation, Scotland, England’s bitter rival, which has already openly lined up in view of the Euro 2020 final. Not only on social media, a mass mobilization is underway to send messages of support to Jorginho and companions, but today the main Scottish newspapers also took to the field, such as The National which has dedicated its first page to the image of Roberto Mancini in Braveheart version, like Mel Gibson in the famous film, with his face painted in blue and white, the colors of Scotland.

The title that resonates like a plea is more than explicit: “Save us Roberto, you are our … final hope!“. An opening followed by an explanatory subtitle:” We could not bear it for another 55 years. “The Daily Record is also with the Azzurri, and does so through an invitation addressed to its readers:” Domenica Peroni and Pizza “


Euro2020 Scotland appeals MancioBraveheart Roberto save News

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