She camps on bike tours, bear drags her out of the tent and tears her to pieces

It was supposed to be one of the usual stops on his long bike tour that he had undertaken but during the night a bear attacked the camp, dragging her out of the tent where she slept tearing it to pieces. The terrible sequence in the night between Tuesday and Wednesday after the woman, Leah Lokan, had decided to camp with two other cyclists near the town of Ovando in western Montana, in the United States. The victim, a 65-year-old Californian nurse, had stopped for an overnight break on her bike ride in the region.

The 65-year-old, passionate cyclist, he was following a route known to local mountain bikers and had pitched his tent in the small town with two friends for the night. It was an area not isolated but close to the post office and the town museum but this did not help to prevent the bear from approaching and attacking it. According to what was reconstructed, the big bear of about 180 kilograms had approached for the first time around 3 in the morning, waking up the cyclists who took the food and put it safely in their tents before going back to sleep. About an hour later, however, he returned to the attack targeting the woman.

Her screams attracted the attention of other people who eventually put the wild animal to flight but unfortunately were unable to save it. Despite the arrival of medical help on the spot, the injuries inflicted by the animal turned out to be too serious. The attack triggered an intense search for the bear by wildlife officials and law enforcement officers who, with the aid of traps, eventually they managed to find the animal and kill it. The bear was killed when he approached a trap located near a chicken coop about 3 kilometers from Ovando.


camps bike tours bear drags tent tears pieces

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