STEM competition oral exam: how to prepare

Archived the written tests, for aspiring teachers who have managed to overcome the first obstacle it is time to focus oral exam of STEM 2021 competition, after which we will only have to wait for the final merit ranking.

The oral exam of STEM 2021 competition will have a maximum duration of 45 minutes and will evaluate

  • the mastery of the disciplines
  • the instructional design skills (also with reference to ICT).

The interview consists in the planning by the candidate of ateaching activity, with the explanation of the content and didactic-methodological choices; in addition, a practical example of using ICT.

Finally, the ability to B2 level English comprehension and conversation.

To pass the test it will be necessary to reach a minimum score of 70/100.

The calendar of events will be communicated with at least 20 days’ notice.

For effective preparation for oral exam of the competition for discipline STEM the following are available EdiSES books:



STEM competition oral exam prepare

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