Accident on Garda, the shocking video that nails the two Germans

Accident on Garda, the shocking video that nails the two Germans
Accident on Garda, the shocking video that nails the two Germans

The tragic accident that cost the lives of 37-year-old Umberto Garzella and 25-year-old student Greta Nedrotti was recorded in a video broadcast exclusively by Tg1. The violent impact between the powerful Riva with two 52-year-old German managers on board and the wooden gozzo with the boys from Brescia took place in the late evening of last Saturday 19 June in the waters of Lake Garda, in San Felice del Benaco, in Bresciano.

What you see in the video

The video in question was recorded by the security cameras of a private house in San Felice. In the images taken you can see the strong impact between the two nautical vessels. In the precautionary detention order against Patrick Alexander Kassen, in prison for double manslaughter and wrongful death, the investigating judge wrote: “In the video you can see a small boat at anchor in open waters, signaled – in compliance with the sector regulations – by a white light of crowning. At a certain point and more precisely at 23.24 we notice another larger unit arriving to strong speed and gliding with direction from Portese to Salò. The moment of the collision between the two boats appears very clear, with the motorboat which, after having violently hit the small boat, literally jumped on top of it, rising conspicuously from the surface of the lake and then continuing its run, without any perceptible deceleration. and only with a very slight deviation of the route, towards Salò “.

According to the investigators, “the video of the crash does not allow to demonstrate who was at the controls”, but the suspect always said, both in front of the prosecutor the day after the accident and during interrogation after his arrest, that he was driving the motorboat at the moment of impact. In recent days, the man had been stopped at Brenner while he was returning to Italy accompanied by his lawyer, to hand himself over to the Italian authorities, after the Brescia Public Prosecutor had asked for the European arrest warrant against him, validated by the Court of Monaco.

The Riva launched at insane speed

The video, in the hands of the investigators, would also demonstrate what had already been seen through a night simulation carried out on the spot by the coast guard, namely that the speed of the Riva was much higher than that allowed. According to the calculation, the powerful craft would have gone even at 20 knots, four times above the limit navigation allowed.


Accident Garda shocking video nails Germans

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