they peddled drugs in the Roman hinterland and intimidated the traders with Molotov cocktails

they peddled drugs in the Roman hinterland and intimidated the traders with Molotov cocktails
they peddled drugs in the Roman hinterland and intimidated the traders with Molotov cocktails

For years, they, a former Magliana gang, had moved to the hinterland north of Rome where they continued to sell drugs and use violence for extortion. This morning, the Carabinieri of Bracciano, with the support of the Helicopter Nucleus of Pratica di Mare, the Dog Nucleus of Santa Maria di Galeria, the Compagnia di Ronciglione, the Compagnia Roma Casilina and the Companies of the Ostia Group, have carried out an ordinance issued by the Gip of the Court of Tivoli, at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, against 12 subjects, including 2 women, recipients of precautionary measures (4 in prison, 2 under house arrest, 4 under the obligation to stay presentation in the barracks). The 12 suspects, all Italians and all residing in the northern area of ​​the Roman province between the municipalities of Castelnuovo di Porto and Morlupo, are charged, for various reasons, with the crimes of “concurrence in the possession and sale of drugs, extortion, carrying and illegal possession of firearms ».

The investigation called “Gerione”, began in May 2019, following an arrest in flagrant crime for detention of 6 kg of hashish and ammunition, carried out by personnel from the Carabinieri Station Command of Castelnuovo di Porto in the municipality of Morlupo . In fact, it emerged that what was found was attributable to another local person, already known to the police, who allegedly forced the arrested person to hold drugs on his behalf with threats and violence.
The investigations made it possible to acquire important elements of crime against the members of a family of Morlupo, known in the local chronicles as it was connected, in the past, to the infamous Banda della Magliana. It has even been established that one of the arrested, a serial robber, currently detained, provided operational instructions to his brother from the prison, so that through “pizzini” and conversations with illegally detained mobile phones, he continued to manage the drug trafficking activity between Rome, Castelnuovo and Morlupo. During these conversations, the prisoner went on to organize a drug and sim card shipment to the prison, while on some occasions he limited himself to placing bets on the football events of the moment.

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During the investigation, the investigators were able to identify the supply channel of the local drug market, supplied with periodic shipments of large quantities from the Casal Bruciato district of Rome. The group was so well organized that one of the couriers used, an employee of a printing house, in order not to arouse suspicion, carried out the transport of the drug using a means of his own company.
From the investigative activity, a network of contacts and connivances between various local subjects also emerged which, in a not always consenting manner, provided support to the drug dealing activity conducted by the criminal team. Among these is a woman from Morlupo who would have been forced to detain and sell the drug. Another woman, on the other hand, struck by the precautionary measure because she was organically included in the criminal group, was in charge of collecting payments relating to drug retail sales.

Those arrested, who enjoyed a particularly high standard of living thanks to the proceeds of the drug dealing, had no qualms about resolving private disputes and disputes over drug trafficking through brutal acts of violence. In one case, they allegedly damaged a car dealership with a Molotov cocktail, as a high-powered car purchased from that store had mechanical problems.
The Carabinieri Company of Bracciano carried out the precautionary measures and the preventive seizure, ordered by the investigating judge, of movable, immovable and current accounts, for a value of over six hundred thousand euros (including a villa located in Morlupo and two cars), in addition to numerous searches of subjects close to the Morlupo criminal group. During the operational phases, the Carabinieri arrested, in the act of crime, another person for drug offenses, and seized a blank gun complete with cartridges, 65 g of hashish, 10 g of marijuana and 4,150 euros in cash. .

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