Covid, outbreak in Rome after an event in an outdoor venue

Covid, outbreak in Rome after an event in an outdoor venue
Covid, outbreak in Rome after an event in an outdoor venue

About thirty boys, around the age of 20, tested positive for Covid after some of them had attended a musical event in the outdoor garden of a Rome club 10 days ago. It is not yet known whether this is the Delta variant. Among the infected was also a young woman who had already received two doses of the vaccine, the only one who had no symptoms. Everyone else has a high fever, severe headache, sore throat. Among the 30, also about fifteen young people from Ostia who had contact with one of the boys who had been in the room were positive. The local health authorities are tracking all the movements.

Focolaio Manfredonia: village, “kids always outdoors” – “We have tried to enforce social distancing. The boys have always been in open places to safeguard the situation and we have implemented all the rules that the case imposes ». This was stated by Vincenzo Picardi, administrator of the African Beach village of Ippocampo di Manfredonia (Foggia), which hosted the summer campus organized by the tour operator “Scuola Zoo Viaggi”, at the end of which some teenagers tested positive for Covid.

“During our stay – he added – we had no reports of typical symptoms of the virus among the boys. But in recent days we have been contacted by various ASLs of Italy: Rome 4 and Rieti, first of all who are now tracking possible infections. On the other hand, we immediately informed the ASL of Foggia. We daily implement the anti-contagion protocol which provides for the sanctification of environments. We – he concluded – sanitized sunbeds, deck chairs, pool equipment but also bungalows and rooms ».



Covid outbreak Rome event outdoor venue

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