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“But aren’t you afraid of a cannibalization against the Kona?” This is the question that marketing men were asked several times during the presentation of the Hyundai Bayon, the new small crossover (the technical term is segment B) of the Korean company. And it is a legitimate question because looking at the technical data sheet, the 4.18 meters in length are dangerously close to the 4.2 of the Kona.

Yet these are 2 models that are profoundly different from each other, with the Bayon representing the entry level in the world of raised trim Hyundai, without being a model that requires who knows what sacrifices in terms of comfort and technology. Only at the level of engines must we yield, with the mild hybrid representing the only type of electrification available.

Hyundai Bayon, esterni

We complete the identity card: said of the length of 4.18 meters, the length is 1.77, the height of 1.5 while the step measures 2.58 meters, with a height from the ground of 16 cm. Less than SUVs, more than a classic compact, with a highly personal style that draws from that of the sisters, adding typical features already to the front, even if the Bayon’s character emerges from behind.

The tail “breaks” with a line characterized by a thin reflective band, joining the vertically developed lights with a boomerang design. Being a crossover then, beyond the increased height from the ground, there are elements that squeeze the occuio to travel on dirt such as front and rear skid plates and the black protections for the wheel arches. A design that has made and makes people talk, but which undoubtedly gives character to the Korean crossover, differentiating it not only from the rest of the range but also from the competition.

Hyundai Bayon, intern

If the external measures are contained, inside the Hyundai Bayon it seems to be a model of a higher segment, especially from the point of view of load capacity: 411 liters which become 1,205 when the rear seat backrests are folded down. Too bad, however, that on the mild hybrid version the electric module steals useful space, cutting the useful space by 90 liters.

Hyundai Bayon
Hyundai Bayon

Space that is not lacking even in the passenger compartment, where even the tallest are at ease on the rear bench, with the knees that do not rub on the front backrests and a lot of light between the head and the roof top. The seats are comfortable, even for those who sit in the middle, but it is a pity that they are missing rear vents for air conditioning, while the USB type A socket is present (on the richer version).

The style of the dashboard fully reproduces that of the Hyundai i20, from which the Bayon inherits the platform, with digital instrumentation and touch monitor for infotainment placed in a raised position. Monitor available in 2 versions: 8 or 10.25 “, with the former offering wireless compatibility with Android Auto ed Apple CarPlay, while the largest forces you to still use the cable to mirror your smartphone. Sin.

Hyundai Bayon

Too bad also for the digital instrumentation, with clear graphics and which does not suffer from direct sunlight, but essentially limits itself to showing the numerous information in the central part, with speedometer and tachometer that can change their shape, but you do not have the possibility of – for example – having the navigator map full screen

Also in terms of quality we are in line with what we saw on the i20: rigid plastic almost everywhere, but assembled with care and without worrying creaks.

Hyundai Bayon, la guida

As written at the beginning, Hyundai Bayon does without the most extreme electrification and simplifies the range to the maximum with 2 engines: the aspirated 1.2-liter 84 HP and the 1.0 mild hybrid 100 HP. Both matched exclusively to the front-wheel drive and, but only by opting for the version with light electrification, the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission or the iMT6 6-speed manual with electronically controlled clutch.

Hyundai Bayon

A nice gearbox, soft in operation with the short lever and precise in the grafts, never contrasted, with an equally soft but not spongy clutch pedal, with a good feeling but that does not tire in the continuous gear changes typical of city traffic.

A transmission coupled, in my case, to the 1.0 mild hybrid that does not surprise – nor does it want to surprise – for prompt restarts or an instant response to every pressure on the accelerator pedal, with 10.3 “used to go from 0 to 100 km / h. Quiet unit with a roaming soul, not exaggerated to give relaxation and low consumption, with a measured average of 15.6 km with one liter.

Hyundai Bayon

The watchword seems to be “relaxation”, also as regards the set-up, which, however, returns a little too dry answers on the highest bumps. But it is the only juncture in which a certain stiffness comes to the surface, while in general the behavior is soft with rolling is barely mentioned. A well-balanced car, as well as the steering, precise and with the load that changes – albeit slightly – as the driving modes change: lighter in Eco while in Sport it becomes slightly more direct.

Hyundai Bayon, curiosity

The name of the new Korean crossover refers to the French town of Bayonne and one would be inclined to pronounce it as it is read. The correct pronunciation is Beyon, in English.

Hyundai Bayon i prezzi

Only two engines and only 2 outfits: Xline and Xclass, col starting price set at 19,400, with standard equipment already quite complete: 8 ”touch monitor, digital instrumentation, lane maintainer, LED daytime running lights and automatic emergency braking.

With the Bayon Xclass are added full LED lights, tinted rear windows, cruise control, front and rear parking sensors. There are also 2 additional packages available: the one to have the contrasting black roof (600 euros) and the Safety & Tech which includes a 10.25 “touch monitor, Bluelink online services, parking assist and adaptive cruise control, the latter however, it is only available in conjunction with the double clutch transmission.

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