Covid, the Army on a mission to vaccinate the elderly in the villages of Molise-

Covid, the Army on a mission to vaccinate the elderly in the villages of Molise-
Covid, the Army on a mission to vaccinate the elderly in the villages of Molise-

From our correspondent
Santa Maria del Molise (Isernia
You have to take via Coniglio, in the village of Indiprete, go up again towards a dense forest of conifers, there are a handful of houses, then the road narrows, cutting through intricate brambles. In certain points of Molise the navigator does not help, until the Army corporal, Nicola Mazzarino, driving the rescue vehicle, fortunately recognizes a fellow villager and asks him for directions. The house of Antonio Carlucci, 73, completely isolated but not far away, and to make things easier, he started waiting in a wheelchair outside the door with his wife Rachele. Finally they found it: as he said to the Courier service a week ago the Minister for Regional Affairs, Mariastella Gelmini, the approximately two and a half million over 60s who in Italy have not yet received even the first dose, must be traced house by house and convinced one by one, before the autumn returns with fears related to the Delta variant.

The support of the Army

Thus the Regions have long ago asked for help from General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, the commissioner for the vaccination campaign, who turned to the Ministry of Defense to support them with 44 mobile teams, each made up of a medical officer and two nurses. The first mobile team to take the field in Italy, on 24 March last, was that of Lieutenant Colonel Costanzo Di Iorio, in Molise, when the Region was all red zone and between Termoli and Boiano there were dozens of Covid deaths. From March 24 to today, the three teams engaged in the area have completed 6,000 home vaccinations: now there are only 41 super fragile to reach, by July the work will be finished.

The superfragile patients

Mr.Carlucci, when he sees the soldiers arrive in combat uniform, with camouflage and black beret bearing the frieze of military health, says to Marshal Matteo Bartolini, nurse, that he does not want to greet him punch to fist or elbow to elbow as it is used now, in times of pandemic. As a young man he served the Cavalry in Naples, he was a cook for the troops at the Plebiscito, so he demands a military salute. After the vaccine, from today Antonio will also have the green pass, because the registration of the military is immediate. So now smiles at this big man who in his life has done a hundred jobs neglecting his health until he fell ill with diabetes and underwent the amputation of his right leg. In and out of hospitals, the time for the vaccine has never come.

The no vax

Until yesterday morning, when he parked the Defense car in front of his house: four of them have already broken in four months up and down the tratturi of Molise, 15 thousand kilometers traveled between Pizzone and Termoli, the mountains and the sea , more than a hundred municipalities visited with the vials filled every morning at the hospital in Isernia. With what happened from March 24 to today, the team guys could make a book out of it. They met the only real no vax in Colli a Volturno, a 60-year-old lady who said so at point blank opening the door to them: I wanted to see you in the face, I like your uniforms, but I don’t get the vaccine. Yesterday the military administered the second dose to Mrs. Irma Maselli, 96 (Pfizer as to Mr. Carlucci), in the town of Cercemaggiore, 3,700 inhabitants scattered in 600 districts, that’s why it becomes difficult to trace people, says the mayor, Gino Donnino Mascia.

Gestures of generosity

Even Mrs. Irma really liked the uniforms of the medical lieutenant Antonia Quarantiello and of the marshal Vittoria Castellani: They remind me of my husband Genesio. Then he almost ordered his daughter Catherine to invite them to lunch. Because Molise is also made up of this: generosity, hospitality. An 89-year-old who lives as a hermit in the beech forest of Scapoli after the vaccine gave Marshal Maria Cristina Marotta a bunch of asparagus. In Castelpizzuto, the wife of another octogenarian, as a sign of thanks, wanted to put two caciocavalli in the military car at all costs. Many families here have adopted elderly people left alone, but in many of our cities we don’t even say hello, says Lieutenant Quarantiello. And he is moved.

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