Justice, the Cdm on criminal reform has begun. Prescription, longer times for corruption and crimes against the public administration: M5s goes towards the green light

It started with almost two hours late the cabinet with the reform of the criminal justice, called at 5 pm All ministers are present at Palazzo Chigi. Before the start of the work, the delegation of 5 star movement, led by the Minister of Agriculture Stefano Patuanelli, met separately with the premier Mario Draghi and the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia to try to break the deadlock on the prescription. As far as we know, the most likely outcome is that of a green light of pentastellati to the text in exchange for aextensibility (at the judge’s discretion) of the term within which to complete the degrees of judgment – under penalty of inadmissibility – a three years on appeal e 18 months in Cassation for the most serious crimes against the public administration: concussion, corruption, incitement to corruption e undue induction to give or promise benefits. We are therefore moving towards approval of the reform of theunanimity.

The most probable outcome, until recently, seemed to be that ofabstention on the text that will be proposed by Cartabia to overcome the Bonafede reform. From 1 January 2020, in fact, the law desired by the former Keeper of the Seals is in force blocks extinction for crime due to the lapse of time after the first degree of judgment: it will produce its effects starting from 2025 and it is therefore early to take stock. Certainly those who have seen a rule applied that freezes the statute of limitations after the first sentence has no more interest to appeal. Especially when he was perhaps sentenced to very light sentences. The mechanism studied by Cartabia, on the other hand, maintains the existing prescription only up to the first degree. From the second comes another concept, that ofinadmissibility. If the appeal is not concluded within two years, the process can no longer go on, that is dies definitively. The same applies to the one in the Supreme Court, where the trap is triggered within a year. The new norm, therefore, would tear the reform-flag of the 5 stars.

The former deputy attacked the law in the pipeline Alessandro Di Battista, who left the Movement after supporting the Draghi government but still considered a landmark by many subscribers. “On the Done there is an editorial from Travaglio that, alas, should be read ”, he writes on social media. “I say“ alas ”because it perfectly explains what the government of the best is trying to do, that is a maxi-gift to impunity. Or to thieves! “. And to those who, in the comments, invite the grillini to leave the Draghi government immediately, reply by defining the presence of the Movement in the executive branch “a largely predictable Caporetto”. To make his voice heard in favor of the reform, however, is the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta: “After thirty years of political confrontation over justice this it’s the right time, we are convinced of this ”, he said, speaking on the sidelines of the presentation of his book“ Soul and screwdriver ”in Monza. “We support the reforms of Minister Cartabia and the Draghi government. They are the condition because the money of the Recovery plan arrive in Italy, which with a justice that is finally efficient and quick and just is able to attract from abroad those investments that are needed. This is the moment, let’s trust Minister Cartabia and make these reforms ”, he argues.

For the group leader in the Chamber of the Democratic Party, Debora Serracchiani, the Cartabia proposals are “an unrepeatable opportunity to carry out a system reform that serves the country. We cannot stand still, not least in order not to jeopardize the resources of the NRP. This is the time of shared solutions for the good of the national community and not the gods ideological walls which in the past prevented reforms, ”he writes in a note. While Annamaria Bernini, president of the senators of Forza Italia, recalls that “the Five Star Movement does not have the absolute majority in Parliament and there are no more allies willing to follow him in derivative pangiudiziaria. Take note of it. Forza Italia would like the separation of careers, but claiming the moon in such a composite majority would be irresponsible. The mediation of the Keeper of Seals is the result of work complex e flawless, and the premier is therefore very well to go straight “.

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