Cristiano Malgioglio / “Raffaella Carrà, your last farewell was a farewell but I didn’t understand it”

Cristiano Malgioglio / “Raffaella Carrà, your last farewell was a farewell but I didn’t understand it”
Cristiano Malgioglio / “Raffaella Carrà, your last farewell was a farewell but I didn’t understand it”

Many friends who have wanted to remember in the past few hours Raffaella Carrà, including also Christian Malgioglio, interviewed in connection by the program Summer Live, on Rai Uno. “First of all – began the famous TV personality – I wanted to apologize for the other day when I received this sad news, my agent called me and I thought it was fake news, then I received many other calls including that of Angelo Perrone, who kept crying and then I realized that it was true and so I didn’t I am detained “.

Raffaella Carrà and Cristiano Malgioglio they were very close: “I was very close I don’t know if professionally unless and Raffaella had great affection for me, and Angelo Perrone like Alessandro Lo Cascio were the children she would have liked to have, they were very close to her and she was very close to them”.


Malgioglio continued: “These connections thrill me, I want to be happy, I don’t want to remember Raffaella in a painful way, I’m happy that you have made people listen the song in love, one of those she loved, when I wrote this text Raffaella told me she wanted a love song, a song about two people who love each other, then I realized that the person she loved was Iapino and so I made this lyrics on the music of one of the greatest Brazilian songwriters, Roberto Carlos, and for me it was nice to write it, she gave a very sensual interpretation and it cheered me a lot but also Roberto Carlos, who had beautiful words for her ”. Then he added: “People are used to seeing a different Malgioglio because inside me there is joy and irony and when these things are missing I think I will no longer do TV, but that it was a very strong blow for me, as if someone from my family, too special, had gone away ”.


He then told a curious anecdote, almost an omen, which took place a short time ago: “I heard her on the phone a month ago and he had told me “Cristiano, when you go on TV the TV changes color, please never change and stay as you are”. I called Angelo and asked him why these words since Raffaella had never paid me a compliment, I didn’t understand that maybe that was goodbye. Then I also got two records from her, including Forte forte forte; when i wrote this song it was the first love song she sang, she gave me a great interpretation. I was terrified of proposing that text to her but when she read it she told me I was naughty: thanks to her they know me in some countries where they didn’t know me ”.

Malgioglio he also recalled the famous bean game in Pronto Raffaella: “It was a nice moment, but just talk about the beans, in that program he had extraordinary guests, Pertini, Andreotti and many others. From America I received so many messages as if Raffaella were my sister and it filled my heart: today everyone has heard Raffaella’s death, God forbid, a myth ”. The lyricist then launches an appeal: “I would very much like via Teulada to be called via Raffaella Carrà, you were a pillar of TV, I make this appeal to Rai, you too join this appeal. Raffa was perfect, a woman like her will never be born again. When he acted with Sinatra the director had selected many famous actresses but when he saw Raffa he chose her without knowing who she was ”.


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