Italy-Libya: NO to agreements that trample human rights

Italy-Libya: NO to agreements that trample human rights
Italy-Libya: NO to agreements that trample human rights

Italy should abandon deterrence and containment policies and concentrate instead on the safeguarding and protection of men, women and children while respecting their human rights.

This is what the organizations ActionAid, Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders asked, yesterday in a hearing at commissions joint foreign and defense of the House and Senate. Serious criticality profiles, the organizations warn, found in Missions Decree, launched by the government, which confirms support for the Libyan Coast Guard and the General Administration for Coastal Security for the fifth consecutive year.

If the Parliament approves the renewal, Italy will not only continue to finance and support the interception activities at sea and the landing in Libyan ports of refugees and migrants, but will increase the funds for these activities with 500 thousand euros more than in the 2020”.

I also grow financing for the Irini and Mare Sicurezza missions, which envisage actions in support of the Libyan forces, with an increase respectively of about 15 and 17 million compared to 2020. The deployment of an Italian ship to Tripoli, in support of the Libyan naval forces, is also extended.

Meanwhile in Libya migrants and refugees continue to be systematically exposed to the risk of arbitrary detention and other serious ones abuse of their rights.

In detention centers, where they are illegally and indefinitely detained immediately afterwards interception at sea and landing in Libya, the living conditions continue to be inhumane. The number of people detained has grown significantly in recent months, while cases of torture, sexual violence and exploitation continue to be documented.

Following repeated incidents of violence against migrants and refugees, in June we announced the temporary suspension of activities in two detention centers of Tripoli.

Starting from the signature of Note d’Intesa signed with the then Government of National Agreement in February 2017, Italy played a key role in the conception and implementation of the containment policies migration flows.

Of the almost 100 million euros allocated for cborder control land and sea of ​​the country, about one third was financed by the Missions Decree: an expense completely independent from the adoption of measures necessary to avoid the disembarkation in Libya of people rescued or intercepted at sea, or to ensure respect for the rights of refugees and migrants in Libya.

With this, Italy has made itself co-responsible for the violations and abuses committed in Libya. In a memorandum also signed by Human Rights Watch and sent to Deputies and Senators who are members of the committees concerned, the organizations reiterated the urgency to change the terms of the cooperation with Libya.

We urge Parliament to revoke any support for the Libyan Coast Guard and the General Administration for Coastal Security, making any agreement conditional on the adoption by the Libyan side of concrete measures to guarantee the rights of refugees and migrants, including the commitment to disembark people rescued in sea ​​in a safe harbor, which cannot be in Libya “.

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