Another strong storm is expected in Milan, civil protection: “Tornadoes could occur”

Another strong storm is expected in Milan, civil protection: “Tornadoes could occur”
Another strong storm is expected in Milan, civil protection: “Tornadoes could occur”

08 July 2021 14:04

In the next few hours another ‘blitz’ of bad weather is expected in Milan, with rains and thunderstorms that could hit the city. From 14:00 on Thursday 8 July an orange weather alert is in effect – risk of danger three out of four – for ‘severe thunderstorms’ and hydrogeological risk issued by the civil protection of the Lombardy region. The alert will cease around 3am on Friday 9 July.

Seveso and Lambro will be under special surveillance by municipal and civil protection technicians. According to the forecasts of 3Bmeteo the precipitations will begin around 17 and will intensify around 18 when, according to the estimates of meteorologists, about 18mm of rain will accumulate on the ground. Subsequently, experts have foreseen a respite of about two hours, at 21 the precipitation should resume force, discharging another 6 mm of rain on the city.

A note from the civil defense states that “tornadoes during the passage of storm cells” could occur. A similar event occurred on Wednesday afternoon in Sedriano, west hinterland of Milan, where a roof of a building flew into the street. Also on Wednesday afternoon, in Parabiago, a tree fell near the railway tracks: for this reason, the Milan-Varese railway line was blocked for about two and a half hours starting at 19. Disruptions also on the Milan- Novara and delays in arrivals and departures at Malpensa airport.

The weather forecast

“For today 08/07, the sack with a South-North oriented axis remains, extended from France to Scandinavia, currently near the Western Alps, in transit towards the East during the day, accompanied by cold advection at high altitude and strong convective instability – reads the forecasts of the Regional Natural Hazards Monitoring Functional Center -. Strong or very strong thunderstorms are expected over the whole region, with large local hail and strong gusts of wind, in the early afternoon mainly on the sectors to the rest of the territory. In the early evening intense phenomena are still possible, although with a tendency to rapidly move towards the Northeast and exhaustion during the night. Overall for the next 12-18 hours, due to repeated showers , consistent areal precipitations are also expected in the Northwest and part of the remaining pre-Alpine belt – they o followed -. In addition to the strong gusts and the possibility of tornadoes during the passage of the storm cells, a general strengthening of the winds is expected during the transit of the perturbation. Zero temperature initially around 3800 meters of altitude, in the course of the afternoon-evening up to about 3000 meters of altitude “.


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