Covid, France: no to holidays in Spain and Portugal. Israel, restrictions return

Rome, 8 July 2021 – Maximum attention to Delta variant, which is causing an increase in Covid contagion in several countries such as Spain e Israel. So if France advises its citizens against travel to the Iberian Peninsula (but also to Portugal), Tel Aviv is returning to restrictions, albeit limited, after months of relaxation and ‘freedom’.

The Covid bulletin of 8 July

Where you can travel: the rules country by country

France: no to holidays in Spain and Portugal

The France does not recommend trips in Spain and Portugal for summer holidays given the increase in Covid contagion in the two countries. “Those who have not yet booked their holidays, avoid, let’s avoid Portugal, Spain, among your destinations”, said the Secretary for European Affairs. Clement Beaune, speaking to France 2, adding that some states have “opened too many doors” with the aim of benefiting from the tourist season.

“In general the pandemic is not over,” Beaune warned explaining that in the coming days “enhanced measures” could be launched against Spain and Portugal should the infections continue to rise. “Better to stay in France or go to other countries”, he added inviting the French to be cautious in a context in which fears, in particular, related to the Delta variant are increasing. Yesterday, the Spanish Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, said that the boom in Covid infections among young people that is being observed in the Iberian country can lead to an impact on hospitals, even if for now it is limited.

Israel: restrictions return

To cope with the increase in cases (over 500 new infections for the third consecutive day) due to the Delta variant, Israel choose the prudent line. The authorities have reintroduced some restrictions even if the hospitalization rate of coronavirus positive patients remains low. The message spread by political leaders and health authorities is that of “vigilance and calm” in the face of what is regarded as “the beginning of the fourth wave”. Among the new measures launched by the executive, aimed at avoiding a new lockdown – it would be the fourth in the last 18 months – is the return ofobligation to wear a mask indoors and on public transport, the reopening of the diagnostic centers, the reintroduction of one restrictive quarantine for travelers and more tests on children. Furthermore, the “green pass” could be reintroduced, which in recent months had given more freedom to vaccinated citizens only.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett explained these necessary new restrictive measures after their total cancellation on June 1st. “We are not waiting to protect the health of Israeli citizens. It should be understood that the Delta variant is spreading around the world at a much faster rate than previous variants,” the Israeli prime minister said, in response to the widespread discontent of the population.

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