new lockdowns in sight – Libero Quotidiano

new lockdowns in sight – Libero Quotidiano
new lockdowns in sight – Libero Quotidiano

Vaccines are not enough to stem the Delta variant and the epidemic of Coronavirus. It is the dramatic warning ofWorld Health Organization, commenting on what is happening in England and above all in the light of the Israeli study on Pfizer vaccine, which would be 30% less effective in protecting against the so-called Indian variant, which is destined to become dominant in the world in the coming weeks. “Assuming that the Covid infection rate will not increase thanks to vaccines is a mistake – explains WHO -. We appeal for extreme caution regarding the total end of health and social restrictions at this time, otherwise there will be some consequences”.

Beyond social distancing and masks to keep, in short, the watchwords still seem to be selective closures, limitations and, in extreme cases, red areas e lockdown. In the weekly report on the epidemic it is emphasized that the Delta variant has now reached 104 countries in the world, 7 more in the last week alone. As of June 1, it had been registered in 62 countries, before rising to 80 by mid-month. “We have just passed the milestone of four million dead rregister for Covid-19 – explained the WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus -, which certainly underestimates the overall budget “.

In Great Britain, which will fully reopen public activities and places on 19 July, they have registered 32,500 cases per day. The projection of the experts speaks of 100 thousand almost per day and the premier Boris Johnson he has already warned his compatriots, making it clear that it is reasonable to expect much higher mortality peaks in the coming weeks. At the moment, despite the increase in positives, the total number of hospitalizations in hospitals remains under control (which rose just over 2,400) and the same number of victims (33, on Tuesday there were 37), testifying how the vaccine (AstraZeneca, in the English case) is probably less effective against the Delta variant but sufficiently protects against the severe form of the virus.

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lockdowns sight Libero Quotidiano

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