“Italy has a solid group, like ours in Spain ’82”

“Italy has a solid group, like ours in Spain ’82”
“Italy has a solid group, like ours in Spain ’82”

How beautiful this national team. Beautiful and strong. He does everything that needs to be done, what people expect: he plays football well but has also learned to suffer, as amply demonstrated both in the quarterfinals with Belgium and in the last semifinal won on penalties with Luis Enrique’s Spain, a very fearsome team, possibly the worst customer we have ever had. He brought back the passion after a bad period, Roberto Mancini he was really good at setting up a squad that was up to par and in addition he comes from an infinite series of successes, which have brought back enthusiasm.
Many ask me if Italy who won the final of Euro2020 it looks a bit like mine, the one that triumphed in Spain in 1982. There is something, even if the difference between the two eras is remarkable and should not be forgotten. There wasn’t a key man in Spain, there isn’t even now. The difference has made it and the group is making it. Our group was a good one, Mancini’s is, who has a different character from Bearzot and I can only wish him to win as our coach did. Perhaps behind this national team there was, from the start, a little more confidence than ours, better expectations. Ours, on the other hand, was considered little, the media did not give us as favorites, but it was only a problem that came from outside. Let’s say that we had around a little more negativity than this, we started out convinced that we could win, but not everyone agreed and the controversy was many. This national team comes from a qualification with full points, it is normal that there is greater confidence behind it, after all I have always placed it among the top four too.

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A victory would be important for the country, as was the one in 1982. The success of Madrid rekindled Italy, brought back smiles, I really hope it can be the same for Mancini’s national team, which in London on Sunday has the opportunity to make a great gift to Italians. We deserve it, all of us, after the year and a half that we have lived. Let’s not forget that we paid the highest price at Covid. The chances of winning are there, Italy has earned everyone’s trust, it has the strength to triumph at Wembley and finally break the blue curse in the European Championships: we stopped at that of ’68, too many years have gone by now. In recent years we have only touched this dream, to me, as coach, it escaped for about thirty seconds in 2000. Too bad.

Italy has a very heterogeneous squad, whoever enters can immediately fit in and immerse themselves in the game. From goalkeeper to goalkeeper: Gigio Donnarumma has grown a lot, he is still young but very capable, he already has good experience, despite being just twenty-two years old. He has been playing in Serie A for years and now he will also make a stop in a great team abroad, continuing his growth. I don’t know if he is comparable to me or to Gigi Buffon, we are in another historical era, this will only tell us the time and the results that I hope he can achieve with the national team and beyond. For sure, he has the talent to make a great career. And finally, I would like to dedicate a chapter to Leonardo Spinazzola. What a sadness to see him on the ground in tears. He immediately realized the seriousness of the injury. I hope it’s just an absence. Not a decisive absence. Come on blues.


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