“It was a farewell call and I …”

“It was a farewell call and I …”
“It was a farewell call and I …”

The artist, and also a former gieffino, tells of the last phone call with Raffaella Carrà, sharing his regret for not having understood that, in reality, it was a farewell phone call

The disappearance of Raffaella Carrà marks a before and after in the history of Italian entertainment, leaving an unbridgeable void in everyone’s hearts. Above all, those who loved her and shared experiences, both human and work, expressed their pain and sense of inadequacy in the face of a death that, in fact, was anything but announced.

Among these Christian Malgioglio, who during the ‘Live Life’ let out a cry born from the story of the last call between the two, which was, in reality, a real farewell call that he had not interpreted as such.

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The pain of Malgioglio live

Malgioglio, as a longtime friend of the Carrà as he is, was invited into the living room of the ‘Live Life’ to commemorate the famous and beloved artist. And it is precisely by recounting their last meeting, both physical and telephone, that Malgioglio burst into tears live: “At one point he added: ‘Please Christian, when you arrive the television changes color, never change'”, says the singer, who then specifies “Then I didn’t understand what he wanted to tell me, he had never spoken to me like that, but now I know that that was a message of love, of farewell for me. Every time I think about it, I am moved ”.

The last meeting with Carrà and the touching story

The last meeting between the two had actually taken place not too long ago, just shortly after his exit from the reality show of Big Brother Vip.

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“He had a dinner for me, it was wonderful. I told her so many things and we laughed like crazy. Raffaella had a lot of fun with me, she had the gift of laughter. At home she was a very normal woman, she was not the star we all know. He was the simplest person that could exist “, confessed Malgioglio.

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A story that the singer tells amidst the trembling of those who hold back tears. Yes, because in reality the Carrà, as diva and strong woman as she was, he had kept his illness from everyone, including Malgioglio, as if he wanted to keep faith with the image he left to his fans.

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“His death surprised me, he never told me about his illness, I was terribly ill”, said the former gieffino.

Malgioglio’s appeal to Rai to commemorate the Carrà

During the broadcast, the eccentric artist then wanted to launch a heartfelt appeal to Rai, on the basis of that of Milly Carlucci. If the latter has in fact requested that the Foro Italico be named after it, Malgioglio has instead expressed another desire, albeit similar:“I would like Rai to dedicate their studies in via Teulada to her, I would like them to call them ‘Raffaella Carrà'”.

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