Artificial intelligence will tell us how many taxes we have to pay

Artificial intelligence will tell us how many taxes we have to pay
Artificial intelligence will tell us how many taxes we have to pay

And if theartificial intelligence decides how much we have to pay for taxes? No, it is not science fiction, but reality. Some US researchers are in fact developing a complex AI-based system to determine how much taxpayers have to pay.

Taxes paid with artificial intelligence

A tax payment system run by artificial intelligence, according to US scientists developing the discovery, much fairer than the one currently in place. Here is the gimmick that comes from the States. The signature is that of AI Economist, a research project signed by Salesforce. The project is based on identifying a better use of economic development with the support of artificial intelligence. A software capable of analyzing thousands of years of economics would therefore be able to help economists and tax experts to implement the best government taxation plans to apply to the country.

The research team is led by Richard Socher, Chief Scientist and Head of Research at Salesforce, who said that, according to the latest analyzes, the new AI-based system would already be able to develop a more effective model than 16% compared to the current ones tax models present in the USA. The software is based on Reinforcement Learning algorithms, all designed to improve the country’s economic model and consequently also improve the lives of the citizens who live there.

Taxes with artificial intelligence, between utopia and reality

A model therefore optimized with an unprecedented system, and Socher himself hopes that the economists of the various countries of the world can see in this proposal an opportunity to improve the economy and traditional taxation.

Here are Socher’s words: “Right now, governments are making concrete economic decisions based on advanced models. AI Economist’s goal is to offer countries the possibility to foresee the ramifications of their fiscal policies and therefore to elaborate the best and transparent ones ”.

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Artificial intelligence taxes pay

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