Delta variant, mandatory vaccine for everyone? The hypothesis

Delta variant, mandatory vaccine for everyone? The hypothesis
Delta variant, mandatory vaccine for everyone? The hypothesis

The Delta variant continues to run throughout Italy and Europe, so much so that it is now certain that it will become the new one dominant strain worldwide. Authorities around the world are working to try to contain the spread of this virus as much as possible and now we are also talking about the possibility of introduce compulsory vaccination.

The hypothesis was raised by Enrico Letta, the national secretary of the Democratic Party, during his speech a On air, a program broadcast on La7. According to the politician, the vaccination obligation it wouldn’t be wrong, so much so that several European countries are considering this possibility.

Delta variant, mandatory vaccine for everyone?

The Delta variant continues to be one threat more and more concrete and the numbers speak for themselves: until a few weeks ago this mutation had an incidence of 1% on the total number of cases sequenced and now it represents the 30.2% of the sequences deposited. The best weapon we have at our disposal remains vaccines and therefore it is necessary that as many people as possible be given the antidote.

But what could happen if the vaccination campaign does not go as hoped? In this regard, Enrico Letta seems to have clear ideas, and the vaccine could become mandatory for everyone:

“It is a controversial issue, I know, but I feel like saying one thing: the concern for the Delta variant continues to be emphasized and I would not like to think that everything is resolved. We need special attention and seriousness on the part of the staff: in this sense, the obligation to vaccinate does not seem to me a wrong thing and it is a debate that exists in all European countries “

The vaccination obligation for teachers

Not long ago the government had already ordered the vaccination obligation for all medici he health workers, now under consideration by Palazzo Chigi there is also the possibility of extending this measure also to teachers.

In fact, the goal is to allow one restart of the school in complete safety, clearing the possibility of new outbreaks, however at the moment it is only ahypothesis under consideration by the Scientific Technical Committee of the Ministry of Health and still nothing has been decided. To this day they still remain 215 thousand teachers who have not yet received the vaccine and for this reason General Figliuolo asked to accelerate, inviting the regions to implement awareness campaigns.

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