Who Saw It, “Saman Abbas kidnapped”. The boyfriend does not give up, the money trail appears – Time

Who Saw It, “Saman Abbas kidnapped”. The boyfriend does not give up, the money trail appears – Time
Who Saw It, “Saman Abbas kidnapped”. The boyfriend does not give up, the money trail appears – Time

Giada Oricchio

07 July 2021

Money and buildings. Behind the disappearance of Saman Abbas there would be the family heritage and the caste division of Pakistani society. Meanwhile, the betrothed, intercepted by the cameras of Who has seen? claims to know nothing, while the parents, under investigation on charges of premeditated murder, kidnapping and concealment of a corpse, in competition with Saman’s uncle (believed to be the material perpetrator) and a cousin of the girl were entered in the Interpol database. In the episode of Who has seen?, Wednesday 7 July, Federica Sciarelli tackles the Saman Abbas case, la Pakistani girl who disappeared on April 29 in Novellara in the province of Reggio Emilia.

According to the statements of her younger brother, Saman was strangled and buried because she refused the arranged marriage with her cousin so as to marry her fiancé Ayub Saqib. After two months of research in the Emilian countryside there is no trace of the girl’s body, however the volunteers and the police do not give up and from today they can count on dogs arrived from Germany, trained to sniff human bones (a practice prohibited in Italy), and a group of archaeologists. “Thanks to our experience, we are able to see the differences in color and texture when a man tampered with the territory – explained the spokesperson -. The new consistency is completely different from the untouched ground, we can distinguish a recent pit from an old one ”.

In the studio, alongside Federica Sciarelli, there is Ayub Saqib who with eyes swollen with pain showed the brocade dress chosen for the wedding, the ring and also the rose of transparent petals that Saman gave him for Valentine’s Day. symbols of a pure love, now interrupted, closed in a suitcase with the dream of a life that will probably never come true.

If on the one hand there is a feeling, on the other there is money and Sciarelli repeats it with the precise intention of emphasizing the petty motive of this tragedy: “Here the reason is the money and the buildings that were to remain in the family , not the rejection itself. The cousin that Saman was supposed to marry is neither ugly nor old and he is also rich, he has a building with six steps outside, a symbol of power. Here we are dealing with parents who thought about their economic interests, it is tradition in Pakistan that the goods remain in the family especially for those who belong to the upper middle caste and so it would not have been with Saman who had chosen to love a person of a low caste. For them it is the story of two boys who love each other, for their parents it is not. The proof of their guilt lies in the fact that they leave Italy leaving a minor son here and another missing and that today they are untraceable. They are nowhere to be found ”.

The presenter continues: “We thought they went to Charanwala, their village in Pakistan, and we went too, but we didn’t find them. The building has been closed with padlocks for months ”. However, the envoy managed to intercept the betrothed cousin who first denied that he was directly involved, then gave up in front of the evidence: “If it can be that she is alive? Go ask his family, why are you asking me? We heard something happened to her, but they don’t know anything. We are only very sorry that he is not found ”.

The neighbors of the Abbas remember well the luxurious engagement party two months ago, but they are forgetful, or rather conspiratorial, about the subsequent events. They repeat that the house has been closed for a couple of months and that they have no idea where the family is. Only one witness admitted that everyone in the village knows, but no one will ever speak because the family is powerful and a maternal uncle is a policeman.

Today, Shabbar Abbas and Nazia Shaheen, Saman’s parents, have been entered by the Ministry of Justice in the Interpol database which is equivalent to a request for provisional arrest wherever they are in the world which must be followed by an extradition request from the Italy (it cannot be requested from Pakistan, ed.) And in two days the Bologna Review Court will rule on the precautionary measure of Ikram Ijaz, the only family member arrested up to now.

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