Rome. Mayors in the streets to protect their role

Rome. Mayors in the streets to protect their role
Rome. Mayors in the streets to protect their role

Cosimo Ferraioli and Giosuè D’Amora

There were many in Rome. The cry of the mayors rose thunderously at the demonstration organized by ANCI Municipalities, at the Angelicum auditorium at the Imperial Forums in Rome, focused on the need to protect and restore greater dignity to the role of the Mayors, themes on which proposals have already been submitted. to Government and Parliament. Also present for the Vesuvian countryside were the mayors of Santa Maria la Carità: Giosuè D’Amora and that of Angri Cosimo Ferraioli who in his Instagram post reported a significant part of the speech given by Antonio De Caro, Mayor of Bari and President of ANCI, in Piazza in Rome: “I brought the murder weapon, it is a pen that I have kept, as happens with the finds. With this every day we sign dozens of deeds and take risks. We would like to deliver it symbolically to all the representatives of the Government and Parliament so that they understand that in those seconds that precede the signing of each act, we mayors are devoured by a Hamletic doubt: to sign or not to sign. Because if you sign, you risk being investigated for abuse of office. And if you do not sign for omission of official documents. We do not want immunity or impunity, but respect for the role of the mayor and for the daily work we do. We need a clear boundary of responsibilities. ” Concludes the quote from De Caro.

Cosimo Ferraioli’s reflection.

“I agree with these words, hoping that they will be taken into consideration by the Government. A Government that ignores the repercussions of the abandonment and discharge of responsibility that are reserved for the Mayors and consequently for the Administrations. It is necessary that the institutions put the municipalities in a position to operate at their best at the service of the citizens ”writes the mayor Ferraioli.


“It is true that we mayors are responsible for how it is administered, but it is also true that these responsibilities are independent of the regions and the state, which can no longer ignore the heavy financial situation of the Italian municipalities. We ask for support from those who govern us and too often abandon us, even when the responsibilities lie with other institutions ”concludes the mayor of Angri.

Luciano Verdoliva

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