Raffaella Carrà, colleagues and friends visiting the funeral parlor in the Campidoglio

Renzo Arbore, Pippo Baudo, Pupo, Valdimir Luxuria, Maria De Filippi were among the first to arrive at the mortuary. Citizens can also pay tribute to the Carrà on Thursday 8 July and on the morning of Friday 9, before the funeral.

In the Capitol the coffin is surrounded by two cushions of yellow flowers, his favorite color, which returns in the crown at the bottom, sent by his official fan club. In the room, as a soundtrack, there are the acronyms, which scroll on a screen, of the symbolic programs of the artist and presenter, also remembered by a series of photos that portray her in different phases of her career.

The funeral service will be held on Friday 9 to 12 at the church of Santa Maria in Ara Coeli, also in Piazza del Campidoglio. For the same day and time, Sergio Iapino, a long-time companion, friend and collaborator of Raffaella Carrà, asked all his fans “in Italy, in the world, in the churches of small villages as in those of large cities, to make an appointment. , to offer all together the last virtual farewell to Raffaella “.


Raffaella Carrà colleagues friends visiting funeral parlor Campidoglio

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