Entries in the role of teachers, when hired from extraordinary competition, STEM and when from GPS. The news of 2021

Entries in the role of teachers for the school year 2021/22: the Ministry illustrated the operational sequence of recruitments to the unions, with the division between the various rankings. The authorized quota is still missing, therefore even if the USR have opened the phase for the choice of the province and class of competition, it is not yet possible to proceed with the assignment. What are the rankings from which you can hire.

Childhood and primary

GaE – competition 2016 – competition 2018 + additional bracket – GPS (according to the current legislation from first bracket and additional lists of teachers with at least three years of service). The details

Secondary I and II degree

The information is provided by the UIL trade union, on the basis of the indications of the operating instructions

Gae are used – 2016 competition – 2018 competition + additional band – 2020 extraordinary competition – STEM competition for the competition classes concerned – GPS

The division of places between extraordinary competition and STEM

Rankings of the extraordinary competition 2020 (DD510) and ordinary competition 2020 (STEM-DD 826/2021): if there are residual places from the additional bands due to lack of applicants relating to the competition classes A020, A026, A027 A028 and A041, the availabilities are allocated to 50% among the ranking of the extraordinary competition 2020
(within the limit of 32,000 places foreseen) and the ordinary STEM competition (within the limit of the 6,129 places foreseen). Any odd place is assigned to the ordinary STEM competition.

Provincial Rankings of Substitutes (GPS): if there are remaining places from the 2020 extraordinary competition and, in relation to the competition classes A020, A026, A027 A028 and A041 from the STEM ranking, due to lack of applicants, the GPS, including the additional lists, are scrolled according to the provisions of the Sostegni Bis Decree (Decree-Law no.73 of 25 May 2021), without prejudice to the places intended for ordinary procedures for secondary school whose applications expired on 7/31/2020 (DD 499/2020).

To hire from GPS it will be necessary to set aside the places due to the ordinary 2020 competition.

Instead, the quick call has been abolished, which last year proved to be a flop, also due to the constraint to which it is destined.

Entries in the role of teachers 2021: precedence, compensation, places for extraordinary competition. DRAFT operating instructions

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Entries in the role of teachers 2021, the complete guide: convocations, how to choose province and school

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