Case Denise Pipitone, the guarantee notice to the former prosecutor Angioni comes from an interrogation

From the headlines of the main newspapers in recent days we learn the news of the closure of the investigations against Maria Angioni, the former prosecutor today a labor judge in Sassari, who dealt with the disappearance of the little girl Denise Pipitone on 1 September 2004 in Mazara del Vallo. In the numerous articles in circulation in these hours there is a fear of the risk of a trial against Angioni that would have returned false statements in front of the prosecutors of Marsala, but the events took place in a different way from what is said in many quarters.

Dr. Angioni had made some public statements during a live television broadcast on “Ore 14” last April, where she had talked about the attempts to misdirection and hindering the investigation into the kidnapping of Denise Pipitone when she was the head of the investigation from October 2004 to July 2005. But let’s go in order.

The Marsala Public Prosecutor summoned Judge Angioni on 3 May last and this, before the deputy prosecutors Roberto Piscitello and Giuliana Rana, spoke about the network of protection around the extended Pulizzi-Corona family and told of some suspects in the kidnapping of the child who knew they were being intercepted thanks to members of the judicial police who reported the investigators’ moves. Some circumstances reported by Angioni were not found in the documents of the investigation and for this reason on June 4 thewarranty notice against her who was notified on June 18, with an invitation to appear again in Marsala as a suspect.

Contrary to what many write, Angioni has not been investigated because the misdirection and connivance reported by her on TV and in the Prosecutor’s Office are without confirmation, but only because, having passed 17 years, the former prosecutor could not remember everything perfectly and on some passages and details it risked being imprecise as she herself had repeatedly reiterated to the prosecutors Piscitello and Rana. Angioni, during the meeting of 3 May where she had been heard with summary information, had premised to Piscitello and Rana that, in the event of inconsistencies, the acts of the investigation which she herself had headed in the early stages would be valid. of investigations. Immediately after the interrogation of May 3, Angioni had presented a complaint to Csm against the Public Prosecutor of Marsala, so he immediately had suspicions about how the interrogation had taken place and expected to receive a guarantee notice.

In light of these facts, it is clear that the false declarations for which Angioni has come under investigation concern only details and technical passages and do not deny at all his convictions, repeatedly reiterated in the Public Prosecutor’s Office and in the media regarding the obstacle to investigations and connivance that took place between 2004 and 2005, complaints corroborated by some public statements by the former Carabinieri Marshal Francesco Lombardo who spoke of open and never examined files due to heavy threats suffered and of the then consultant of the Prosecutor’s Office Gioacchino Genchi, who unmasked the probable conflict of interests of Antonio Sfamemi, then chief commissioner of Mazara del Vallo and boyfriend of a close friend of Anna Corona.

Even on his Facebook profile, the former prosecutor Angioni last June 24 made it clear that he had heard a bit of imagination from the media. The Public Prosecutor of Marsala would not have denied her having told the false about the fact that Denise Pipitone is alive, as the argument on the existence of Denise Pipitone in life it wasn’t even addressed. On the other hand, it would not have been nice, writes Angioni, if the prosecutors of Marsala had presented her with suitable elements to demonstrate that what she, and all of us, we hope is not true. The former prosecutor reiterates that the fact that Denise is alive is still true.

As for the two actual disputes, Angioni communicates that with her lawyer they have limited themselves to one technical defense and are awaiting events. In the meantime, Angioni has requested and obtained all the documents of the trial against Jessica Pulizzi, Denise’s half-sister, process from which Pulizzi was definitively acquitted and therefore could no longer be investigated for the crime of kidnapping a minor; but still important papers that the former prosecutor will continue to read and study in order to arrive at a truth that someone evidently still has an interest in keeping hidden after 17 years.

It would really be advisable for the parliamentary inquiry commission launched by the honorable Alessia Morani to shed light on the abduction of Denise Pipitone to deal with the matter in depth, because this appears to be one of the cases more complex of the history of the news of our country.

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