what the doctor from La Sapienza University said: Funweek

what the doctor from La Sapienza University said: Funweek
what the doctor from La Sapienza University said: Funweek

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The causes of Raffaella Carrà’s death were not clear. Professor Giovanni Mangiaracina of the University of La Sapienza spoke about it.

On the causes of the death of Raffaella Carrà in recent days there has been a lot of talk (and sometimes inappropriately), but finally they have been officially revealed. The artist, ill for some time, had indeed kept some reserve about his illness, so much so that not even his colleagues knew about it.

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Professor Giacomo Mangiaracina revealed the causes of Raffaella Carrà’s death during a radio interview. Photo Credits: Kikapress

Raffaella had kept a certain reserve about the disease

Probably, at least according to what Barbara Boncompagni said, Raffaella Carrà had avoided talking about her illness so as not to make her beloved public suffer: it was that which was the basis of the causes of death, as it has Giacomo Mangiaracina also confirmed, surgeon and lecturer atLa Sapienza University.

To the microphones of the program Radio Cusano CampusGenetics today‘, the professor explained that to take Raffaella away from us would be a lung cancer.

The professor reveals the causes of Raffaella Carrà’s death

His revelations are extremely clear: “Raffaella Carrà’s mother died at 63 of lung cancer, so it is above all a possible genetic issue. And then if a person smokes, fate is almost inevitable. Unfortunately, the smoke took Raffaella away from us 10 years in advance. We have many studies that say that smoking shortens life by 10-12 years, this applies to everyone. Addiction, like tobacco addiction, puts you in the position of not being able to say no. 90% of lung cancers occur among smokers”.

If there is a genetic basis it is clear that all lifestyle patterns affect that genetic basis. The woman’s lung is smaller than that of men, so the negative effects have also tripled, so much so that lung cancer has become the leading cause of death among women”.

Photo Credits: Kikapress


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