Covid, storm on Conte and Speranza: “100 million compensation”

Covid, storm on Conte and Speranza: “100 million compensation”
Covid, storm on Conte and Speranza: “100 million compensation”

An indictment 2099 pages long. A huge folder made up of numbers, documents, reconstructions, journalistic inquiries and legal investigations. But also full of stories, true stories, those of victims of Covid and their relatives. It is with this bunch of papers in the 24h that the lawyers of the civil action will present themselves this morning in front of the Civil Court of Rome. Together with them there will also be about fifty relatives of the deceased, who came down on purpose from Lombardy to attend the first round of a judicial battle that promises to be fiery.

There are 70 nuclei that have relied on the pool of lawyers led by Consuelo Locati. Not only relatives of the victims of the first wave, but also those of the second and third, because “nothing has been improved with regard to the pandemic”. The prosecutor of Bergamo, which investigates the massacre in Val Seriana, is doing its criminal work. Here, instead, the government is asked to compensate the living affected by the farewell of loved ones struck down by the coronavirus. In other words, the aim is to recognize damage suffered beyond what could be personal or criminal responsibilities. The case is worth 100 million euros.

There are many themes touched upon in the 2099 pages of the intervention deed. Three sections: the charges against the government (Conte II) and the Ministry of Health; those against the Lombardy Region; and the dramatic chronicles of how the victims fell in the valleys between Bergamo and Brescia. The lawyers analyze “all aspects and profiles of responsibility of the institutions” accused of having committed “omissions or commissions in violation of the law and national and supranational regulatory provisions”. The lawyers’ journey starts from minutes of the task force, published by the ministry only after the political (and judicial) battle of Galeazzo Bignami. It passes for the absence of an updated national pandemic plan. And it is intertwined with the ministerial circulars busted on the tracing of infections. And again: the report signed by Francesco Zambon and mysteriously disappeared from the WHO site; the responsibilities of Giuseppe Conte e Roberto Speranza; and the mystery of the self-assessments sent from Italy to the WHO. A barrage without appeal because the “omissions” of the institutions, the lawyers write, “resulted in the deaths of 126 thousand people”.

The responsibilities of the Ministry of Health and the Presidency of the Council (at the time of Giuseppi) are summarized in five points. First: the failure to update the pandemic plan and the decision not to apply the one, although obsolete, of 2006. Second: the sending of self-assessments to theWHO “Not corresponding” to the level of preparation of the country. Third: a “communication of risk” to citizens “not compliant” with WHO guidelines. Fourth: having drawn up a secret plan “in a hurry” when “by now the virus was killing hundreds of people”. Fifth: failure epidemiological surveillance which would have made it possible to find Covid before February 2020.

The lawyers of the civil action are certain: “Everything that our country should have had and which is the basis of preparation for a pandemic, in reality it did not have”. The update of the pandemic plan and the old one “was just a work in progress impossible to activate and implement “. It was not known “which were the infectious disease wards in hospital structures, how many places were in intensive care, in what percentage they could be implemented”. Total darkness also on the “stocks of reagents”, on the “certified laboratories on the territory” and on the Dpi available to frontline doctors. The possible scenarios? Not foreseen, so much so that it was necessary to call urgently Stefano Merler. The tracking? Little or nothing, like active surveillance, to the extent that it contributes “to the spread of the virus among the Italian population” and “probably” also abroad. “The Italian institutions – we read – have run for cover to patch up the interventions that should have been immediately activated, with a waste of time that has contributed to the loss of thousands of human lives”. Yes, because “from these omissions and violations it follows that doctors have been forced to choose who to save their life and who to let die”.


Covid storm Conte Speranza million compensation

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