the Municipality now measures decibels with sound level meters

the Municipality now measures decibels with sound level meters
the Municipality now measures decibels with sound level meters

A network of sound level meters on the light poles to “listen” to the din splitter of the nightlife. There are four sentinel sensors already installed by the Municipality in as many hot places of Milanese entertainment: in Sempione, in Corso Garibaldi, in via Borsieri (Isola district) and between via Melzo and Lambro in Porta Venezia.

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They are in operation 24 hours a day, high up on the pylons to prevent them from being damaged, so as to record all the noises of the day, but especially those of the nightlife. Noises, loud music from the clubs, chants from the stadium and the shouting of the patrons of the bars that do not let the residents sleep. It is the experimental project that Palazzo Marino has entrusted to Amat (Environment, Mobility, Territory Agency) “to have an objective vision of the phenomenon”: it goes by the name of “Study for the characterization of the noise produced by Movida” and will allow the drawing up of a actual map of the noise area by area. Also because the surveys made by private individuals with non-professional sound level meters are considered unreliable.

There are three phases of the plan: the monitoring campaign, now underway, “carried out with specially hired sensors” to record the decibels in a night of movida; the identification and planning of interventions to mitigate the noise; finally, the evaluation of the effectiveness of the measures adopted, again thanks to the sound level meters. The project was now conceived by the Municipality because with the end of the curfew and the relaxation of the anti-Covid measures, nightlife has resumed its usual rhythms.

The people of the night have returned to regain possession of the capital districts of the buzz and the protests of the city committees have started again. From the Arco della Pace to corso Garibaldi, continuing along corso Como. From via Lecco in the Porta Venezia area to the Columns of San Lorenzo, to the Darsena. And right on the banks of the Navigli the inhabitants carried out the first inspections armed with artisan sound level meters and the noise detected was from the stadium, “with decibels up to 85”, or even beyond the maximum limit allowed for mega-concerts at San Siro in the it was pre-pandemic. Well beyond the threshold established by law in residential areas of 55. “It is clear that the problems reported for years, including noise pollution, are many and alarming,” attacks Gabriella Valassina of the citizens’ committee.

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Municipality measures decibels sound level meters

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