Italy, what would I do for you! The VIPs ready to foil: “For the Europeans you can …”

Italy, what would I do for you! The VIPs ready to foil: “For the Europeans you can …”
Italy, what would I do for you! The VIPs ready to foil: “For the Europeans you can …”

Ten VIPs tell us what they would be willing to do to see Mancini & Co triumph.

From Paolo Belli to Meo Sacchetti, fresh from his triumphal landing at the Tokyo Games: everyone is ready for a sacrifice or a special gesture to celebrate Italy’s eventual victory next Sunday, in the European final. At Wembley Italy has already beaten Austria and Spain, now the hope is to make the three of a kind …

Paolo Belli

Paolo Belli, a Juventus fan, is absolutely enthusiastic about the progress of this national team. “I was struck by the fact that even those who do not take the field feel an integral part of the blue project. And for this we must congratulate Roberto Mancini. Our coach was very good at creating the right empathy. I thank them for the Azzurri. with all my heart, because I am having so much fun watching these European Championships. My favorite player is clearly Giorgio Chiellini. And not only because he is the captain of my Juventus, but also because he plays in the same role as me in the National Singers, eh eh. .. If the national team were to win the Europeans I would do the Stelvio again by bicycle, so far I have already traveled it four times, I have climbed the Pordoi, the Gavia, the Manghen, but the Stelvio is an authentic massacre, you see the Madonna and you say to yourself same that will never happen to you again. I am a sprinter, I am at the climbs as Bob Marley is at the waltz. But I would really do it again, I promise you. And in case I would also send you the photo … “.

Davide Oldani

Applause to the Azzurri also comes from the Inter chef Davide Oldani. “A football team, on the other hand, is a bit like the kitchen: many cooks who have the word and a” team manager “who guides them. With these principles you always go far, it is difficult to make mistakes. Federico Chiesa particularly impressed, not only for the goals scored against Austria and Spain, but also for the way he expresses himself, for his fluent English. And also because he already speaks like a man of fifty. I have never heard him say “I “, But rather always think first of the team and the coach. At just 23 it is not easy to think in this way, it will also be thanks to the teachings he had in the family. I know, he is Juventus – and he laughs – but I know how to recognize his talent. I can’t wait for the final on Sunday evening. And if we go back to conquering the European Championships I could carry out a project that I have been thinking about for a while: starting from my restaurant, the “D’O” in Cornaredo, and to reach the sea in Liguria by bicycle “.

Enrico Bertolino

Enrico Bertolino, on the other hand, is following this phase of the European Championship from Sardinia. “I came on a pilgrimage to the home of Barella, Matteoli and Orlandoni, who had coached the Inter goalkeepers – he jokes – So far it has been good, the real problem is that I have to go back to Milan … The Azzurri are good , beyond the superstitions they will know how to assert themselves. They gave me a nice gift for my 61 years, with my birthday celebrated last July 4. Now, however, I am expecting another one for the name day, which will be next Tuesday. Two days first, Sunday, there is the final. Exactly … Italy lacks a real center forward, so I propose a “false nueve”, let’s naturalize Lukaku! Joking aside, Mancio has transmitted a fantastic spirit to the young people, if new generation is really this the restart of the country could be faster than expected. I’m not a transgressive type, but if Italy wins the Wembley final on Sunday I could also pay, with pleasure, a dinner for a Juventus fan “.

Marcell Jacobs

Marcell Jacobs, the Italian record holder of the 100 flat meters (established in this very lucky 2021 with 9 “95) already has a” vote “to make in case Roberto Mancini’s national team manages to win the European Championships, Sunday evening at Wembley. Despite having a long collection of tattoos all over his body, Marcell already has in mind what he will be drawing (he has to find a suitable free space, but there is still some time for that). “I’ll get a tattoo showing the cup that will be raised by the winning team on Sunday night.” The blue sprinter, born in 1994, who is preparing for the Tokyo Games where he will compete in the second week, does not lose a blue match in front of the TV. “If I’m not around somewhere in Europe for the last few matches, I watch the Azzurri’s matches strictly with my family. And so far I haven’t missed one.” He will try to do this again on Sunday, while studying the design of the Cup …

Gabriele Detti

Gabriele Detti knows gold: in London in 2016 he triumphed at the European Championships before flying on the Olympic podium in the 400 and 1500. The former world champion and Inter fan especially from Barella, says: “How will I celebrate? I am from Livorno and superstitious: there is still a final to play. But we are almost there, the last step is missing, the last effort is missing. It is extraordinary how the whole of Italy is following Mancini’s boys. This cheering and this passion it hasn’t happened for a long time. It is now an all-blue summer, first it’s up to the national football team, we are all with them, then it’s up to us at the Tokyo Olympics. We hope that after Mancini’s group will be able to transmit the same enthusiasm. a year of pandemic, the national team is making us live truly magical nights. But I repeat, now this Italy must not stop, and then I too will go around celebrating. I still don’t know who I will see the game with, but for sure some I’ll have a flag, go blue! “.

Pio and Amedeo

The final leads to a sensational turning point. Pio and Amedeo from full-blown freeloaders become the ones who offer. “Well yes. With so much suffering and given the enterprise, we who have always benefited from the wealth of others have decided that if Italy wins we offer dinner to everyone, including the staff. And we know that Lombardo and Evani kill each other in Vecchia Romagna and limoncini. We offer, already for us the verb out of place, first course, second course, side dish, appetizer, wine, coffee, coffee maker and dessert. We are already feeling bad “. The two Foggia comedians have a special relationship with the Azzurri: “We always hear them. Donnarumma, Insigne, Immobile, in short, those with a cultural level like ours. We relate to the neo melodics. But we also hear Verratti, Belotti, Bastoni and Mancini” . Then they get serious. “We like lightheartedness, it’s a united group, we read charged, never nervous. An orchestra that plays masterfully. They are also a cure-all for the period in which Italy is living. And Mancini has an extraordinary humility”.

Zaytsev and Anzani

The Olympic adventure is almost upon us and in these hours the volleyball blues are enjoying the last free hours before the last week of work that will end with the two friendlies against Argentina before leaving for Tokyo with the debut scheduled for July 24 against Canada. The blue bomber Ivan Zaytsev and his partner Simone Anzani enjoy relaxing hours with their families – the central player has recently become the father of little Viola – on the beach of Civitanova (the club where they will be teammates next season). “The commitment with the national team is important but we are closely following the adventure of Mancini’s boys. An enthusiasm that we hope will grow also in view of the Olympics that we are ready to face. And now for Chiellini and his teammates the best is coming with the final. . In the event of a victory for the Azzurri we are ready to take a dip in the sea naked. Two jellyfish in the water to celebrate the victory of the European Championships “.

Teo Teocoli

Even Teo Teocoli, a passionate Rossoneri fan, has not missed even a moment of the path made by the Azzurri in these European Championships so far. Six games, six adventures, six snapshots to keep all to yourself: “Ironically, the national team that I liked the most is the one that played against Spain on Tuesday evening, due to the subtle psychological game that has been created since the beginning of This challenge. We are proactive, but they have loved possession for years. It was therefore foreseeable that Luis Enrique’s team would take the ball in the game, indeed for some stretches they took the ball. Stuff to make even the Dalai Lama impatient . However, despite the somewhat messy defense we were good at staying together and Chiesa proved to be a great goalscorer. I am very sure that Federico will become stronger than his father, but don’t tell Enrico that. If Italy wins them. Europeans? I would walk to Santiago de Compostela with a stick, but without speaking to anyone … “.

Elenoire Casalegno

Elenoire Casalegno is radiant more than usual for this beautiful group of Azzurri players who is making an entire country dream. “I really like them, Lorenzo Insigne’s exultation at the end of the match against Spain, with Spinazzola’s shirt as if he were on the pitch too, is the photograph of these guys, used to thinking above all with” us “. there is a good atmosphere, which makes us think of the return of romantic football. We want it and we need it, now we want to dream. Spinazzola was also my favorite player and, as an Interista, I also like Barella very much, a great talent. By the way: you know the joke “were there a French, a Spanish, a German and an Italian? The Italian is not there because he is at the Europeans! Hahaha … I’m sorry for everyone else, but a little We must also take satisfaction at this point here. And if Italy wins the final, I will go hand in hand with Teo Teocoli in Santiago de Compostela, and if he stops I will whip him! “.

Romeo Sacchetti

Fresh from the triumph at the Pre-Olympic in Belgrade where he led the national basketball team to qualify for the Japanese Games, Meo Sacchetti enjoys a few relaxing days in Varese. The blue coach is a lukewarm football fan, he follows Liverpool and Milan, but recently he exchanged the best wishes for the results of the respective national teams with his colleague Mancini. “I’m not in Alghero so, if Italy wins, I couldn’t celebrate with a sea swim at midnight – smiles the coach -. I could throw myself into my grandchildren’s pool but I prefer to go classic. Some time ago I bought some bottles. Barbaresco delle Langhe from producer Gaia that I uncork for special occasions. The victory of Mancini’s team would be one of them and I would like to toast Sunday evening with my family and friends with whom I will follow the game for the European title “. Then it would be nice to uncork another one on August 7 at the end of the Olympic basketball tournament ….

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