Covid Italy, infections above 1,000. The Regions: “Outdated criteria, they must be changed”

Covid Italy, infections above 1,000. The Regions: “Outdated criteria, they must be changed”
Covid Italy, infections above 1,000. The Regions: “Outdated criteria, they must be changed”

It could not be otherwise: with the reopening, there was a rebound in the number of positive cases. Yesterday we went back above one thousand (1,010 to be precise, of which 208 in Campania, 30 per cent more than a week ago, positivity rate of 0.56) but, at least for now, there is no effect on hospitalizations, a sign that the infected are mainly young people. In the hospitals at the end of June ago there were 1,840 Covid patients, today they are 1,414, although it must be said that in the last few days there has been a slight increase in daily admissions to intensive care (yesterday 8). Yesterday the World Health Organization, probably looking at the choices of the United Kingdom (32,500 cases in the last 24 hours), warned: “Vaccines are not enough, we do not loosen the containment measures or there will be serious consequences”.

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But among Israeli experts, where the percentage of double-dose vaccinations is well above 57 percent, the debate has begun. There are those who explain: given the high number of immunized, it no longer makes sense to dwell on the data of positive cases, but we must always watch over hospitalizations and seriously ill patients. Also in the Regions, in view of the autumn, this thesis is gaining strength which leads to say: the system of colors, of the alarm parameters, was built when the vaccinated were few, we must change it; limitations should only apply when hospital systems are expected to fail. And a part of the CTS (Scientific Technical Committee) believes that this reflection on the change of parameters that lead to assigning colors to the Regions (now all white) and therefore to impose the closures, must be done. It will be useful, explains someone from within the CTS, to see how things will go in the UK where a strong increase in positives for now does not correspond to a similar backlash (at least not in the same size) of hospitalizations and deaths; in part it will also be necessary to monitor Spain, which has a significant increase in new cases, but – again for now – has no hospitals in crisis. There are those who reply: the cases increase and subsequently hospitalizations and deaths arrive, by now we know. This is a strong argument, but solid when there were still few vaccinated, now that the immunized (with the double dose or because they have overcome the infection) are many, it could be overcome. Here then is that in the Regions there are those who say it openly: if in September, as General Francesco Figliuolo promises, we have immunized 70 percent of the population over 12 years old, we will have to review the parameters of the closures and give a lot of weight different to the new positive cases box. From Liguria the president Giovanni Toti explains to his collaborators: “The theme of the zones – the different colors – will be overcome by the vaccination campaign”. The position of another center-right governor, Marco Marsilio (Abruzzo), is similar: «If in September we have vaccinated at least 70 percent of the population, it will no longer make sense to maintain the type of parameters that determine colors. They were related to a different epidemiological situation. We have changed them several times, it seems logical that they should be reviewed with a large part of the vaccinated population ». It will be said: Toti and Marsilio are two center-right governors who tend to be increasingly inclined to favor openings.

In reality, even in some regions of the center-left this issue is monitored and Alessio D’Amato, Lazio’s councilor for health, says it: “I think that when 70 percent of vaccinated people are reached, it will be right to think not based on the number of cases positive, but hospitalizations. We will reach that milestone in the first half of August, but it will be correct to intervene on the system in September, when the whole country should be 70 percent of the vaccinated. Today the color mechanism evaluates the number of cases, hospitalizations and intensive care occupations. When there are more vaccinated, we will have to tie the system more to the maintenance of hospitals. A different modality must be thought of, based on the severity of the positives. The classical flu, every year, causes 7,000-8,000 deaths, not for this we are going to close the regions, to indicate the colors. If the vaccines against Covid drastically reduce the number of serious cases, the parameters will have to be changed. Only on one thing I would not back down: the use of the mask in public places indoors, in public transport, in crowded places outdoors. The mask does not impose who knows what sacrifice and, at the same time, this year not only helped us to defend ourselves from the infection of Sars-CoV-2, but it has cut down the spread of the flu, a very important result “.


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