Do I have to be a TIM subscriber to do Dazn?

Do I have to be a TIM customer to watch Serie A league matches on Dazn? Let’s get back to talking in this new Serie A UpGo mini-guide on Dazn and the best ways to stream matches. After all, streaming will be the only way to really watch the whole Serie A. As those who follow us know very well Sky is now almost without Serie A. Classic pay TV, active on satellite and digital terrestrial, will have the sun limit 3 games per weekend. The entire match list (10) will only be broadcast on Dazn. But Dazn, we read it in many press releases and we see it in several TV commercials, is allied in this enterprise with Tim, the evolutionary telephone operator of Telecom Italia.

Do I have to have TIM to subscribe to Dazn?

The question that arises quite spontaneously is therefore: to watch Serie A Dazn do I necessarily have to go through a subscription to Tim?

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The alliance between Tim and Dazn allowed the telephone company to offer super discounted packages including Serie A and at the same time allowed Dazn to receive large financial aid for the acquisition of the expensive rights snatched from Sky. A partnership therefore to the advantage of both parties but which leaves the two realities completely independent. Dazn is not a product of Tim! It is a large international player who also sells subscriptions independently of Tim. Here you will find our updated guide to Dazn subscription offers. Therefore, as you can see from our page, these are offers accessible regardless of the manager they belong to. And therefore, there is no constraint that would oblige users to have Tim to enjoy Serie A football. Dazn can be seen with any telephone company.

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Watch Dazn with other telecom operators

Is it therefore possible to subscribe and watch Dazn programs also, for example, under the network of Vodafone, WindTre, Fastweb or Iliad? Of course yes. And is it exactly the same?

Almost. This aspect perhaps deserves further study …

Dazn as mentioned is a streaming platform, like Netflix, Disney Plus and Prime Video. It works just like these. So, in terms of connection, the important thing is to have one that is stable and fast enough. Ultimately, to watch Dazn in streaming, a good ADSL is enough, therefore with a bandwidth of 7-10 megs. But as mentioned it is good that it is stable because, broadcasting live, Dazn is more affected by the problem of blocks.

There is, mind you, a telephone operator, an internet provider, which does not allow you to access Dazn. You can watch the games broadcast on Dazn with any operator. Certainly, however, Tim, in the face of the partnership signed, it has a bit of a preferential route, not only in commercial but also in technical terms.

One above all, we wrote about it here, the backup network that will support Tim customers in case of lack of internet coverage or even worse in case of network downtime. A network available on digital terrestrial technology that will be manageable through the appropriate Tim router. In short, working closely with Dazn in this Serie A feat in streaming, Tim certainly has a direct and privileged relationship with Dazn. And this could, at least in theoretical terms, benefit the customers of this telephone company over the others, in watching the matches of the Championship.

A problem also felt by other operators. In fact, following the announcement of the Dazn-Tim alliance, several have posed a problem of competition and free access to the network and content. In short, the closeness between Tim and Dazn could be put under the magnifying glass of the authorities in charge if the evidence proves a concentration of interests in favor of the Telecom Italia group.

But what do you think? Does this Serie A partnership between Tim and Dazn convince you? Already subscribed to Dazn?

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