ATM bonus, 320 euros for everyone. How to request them

A very interesting ATM bonus for Italians is coming. This is 320 euros available to everyone. Let’s find out how to request them.


The Draghi government has been working for several weeks now to find the right measures to support Italian families in difficulty due to the economic emergency strictly connected to the health one. Among these stands out the ATM bonus. Specifically, this also has a further value, ie it aims to limit the circulation of cash to the maximum and consequently tax evasion.

In fact, starting from 1 July, the 30% limit was raised to 100% as regards the tax credit recognized in the case of non-cash payments. An extremely important step that will bring undoubted advantages. But let’s find out in detail what will happen and what will change and above all how Italians will be able to obtain the 320 euros made available by the Government through the ATM bonus.

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ATM bonus: how to get the 320 euros

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As previously mentioned, there has been an increase in the percentage with regard to the tax credit for payments made by credit card or in any case not through cash. Right through the ATM bonus it is possible to obtain, through the tax credit, up to a maximum of 160 euros per subject.

But that’s not all. There is the possibility of getting 320 euros. A double tax credit has been introduced in favor of all those entrepreneurs who decide to equip themselves with the necessary tools to allow end consumers to make all the payments they want through an electronic system.

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In this case, the tax credit that can be obtained, as mentioned, will be 320 euros. We also remind you that they will not contribute in any way to the formation of the income linked to the same beneficiary


ATM bonus euros request

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